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Non Owner SR22 FR44

Everything you need to know about non owner SR22 FR44 insurance.

People buy non owner SR22 FR44 insurance for many reasons, mainly to reinstate a suspended driver’s license. Sometimes the state requires a person to file a financial responsibility certificate to satisfy a court order or other legal requirement. Non owner SR22 FR44 certificates help you reinstate your license by providing proof of financial responsibility. Nonowner insurance is secondary liability insurance that covers only you when you drive a borrowed vehicle. Florida and Virginia require FR44 filings specifically after DUI/DWI suspensions and SR22 filings for all other traffic-related suspensions.

When licensed drivers don’t own a car, violations they commit while driving a borrowed car can result in license suspension. When this happens, they have to obtain non owner SR22 FR44 insurance to reinstate their driving privileges. As a condition for license reinstatement, states require non-vehicle owners to get a non-owner insurance policy with an SR22 or FR44 certificate attached. They file the certificate with the state DMV as the final step to restore their driving privileges.

Limitations and restrictions

There are coverage limitations and vehicle restrictions on non owner SR22 FR44 policies. Non-owner insurance provides liability-only coverage on one person – you, the policyholder. Coverage is for driving a non-owned vehicle on an occasional basis. Non-owner insurance policies do not cover:

  • Operating household vehicles to which you have regular access.
  • Driving rental, commercial, or employment-related vehicles.
  • Insurance providers do not sell non-owner insurance as cheaper, alternative coverage for teen drivers in a household.

Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Most states require an SR22 non owner insurance certificate is required for license reinstatement by people who don’t own a vehicle. And in most states, an SR22 certificate is for non-alcohol-related and DUI offenses. UltraCar Insurance offers non owner SR22 insurance in 34 states.

Non Owner FR44 Insurance

Florida and Virginia are the only two states that require an FR44 insurance certificate for alcohol or drug-related motor vehicle offenses. When you don’t own a car or other vehicle in Florida and Virginia, you’ll buy SR22 insurance to reinstate your license after a non-alcohol-related suspension. For DUI or DWI offenses, you’ll have to buy FR44 non owner insurance for license reinstatement.

Non Owners Insurance without SR22 FR44

You can purchase a non-owners insurance policy without an SR22 or FR44 attachment. Sometimes people who don’t own a vehicle buy non-owners insurance to be financially responsible. If you’re at fault in an accident while driving a borrowed car, it’s wise to have liability insurance coverage. Non-owner insurance coverage is not a substitute for the insurance a vehicle owner has; it supplements the insurance on the vehicle if needed. Carrying non-owner insurance also provides evidence of continuous coverage, demonstrating an individual’s financial responsibility.

In North Carolina, the state requires drivers to purchase North Carolina non owner insurance to obtain a new driver’s license.

More about non owner SR22 FR44 insurance

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