Non Owner SR22 FR44

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Non Owner SR22 FR44

Non Owner SR22 FR44

Non owner SR22 FR44 are proof of financial responsibility certificates required for license reinstatement by people who do not own a vehicle. Non owner policies are secondary liability insurance that covers an individual when driving a non-owned vehicle. The SR22 or FR44 certificate is attached to a non-owner insurance policy and filed with the state DMV. In most states, SR22 certificates are filed for all types of motor vehicle violations. In Florida and Virginia, SR22 certificates are filed for non-alcohol related violations and FR44 certificates are filed only for DUI / DWI violations.

Non owner SR22 FR44 are certificates of financial responsibility obtained for license reinstatement by persons who do not own a vehicle. There are instances when licensed drivers, while operating a vehicle they do not own, commit a motor vehicle violation or repeated traffic related offense that results in suspension of their driver’s license. When this happens, they have to obtain non owner SR22 FR44 insurance to reinstate their driving privileges. It’s important to know that there are coverage limitations on SR22 FR44 non-owner policies:

  • They provide liability only coverage on one person – you.
  • They cover you when driving a non-owned vehicle on an occasional basis
  • They do not cover you if you rive household vehicles to which you have regular access
  • They do not cover rental vehicles
  • They do not cover commercial vehicles
  • They do not cover you when driving any type of employment-related vehicles
  • They are not sold as a cheaper, alternative coverage for teen drivers in a household

Non Owner SR22 Insurance

In most states, an SR22 non owner insurance certificate is required for license reinstatement by people who don’t own a vehicle, and have been cited for non-alcohol related motor vehicle offenses as well as DUI offenses. UltraCar Insurance offers non owner SR22 insurance in 34 states.

Non Owner FR44 Insurance

In Florida and Virginia, individuals who do not own a car or other vehicle must purchase SR22 insurance to reinstate their license after a non-alcohol related violation. But in cases of alcohol or drug related DUI or DWI offenses, they will have to purchase FR44 non owner insurance for license reinstatement. The only two states that currently require the FR44 insurance certificate for alcohol or drug related motor vehicle offenses are Florida and Virginia.

Non Owners Insurance

You can purchase non owners insurance without an SR22 or FR44 attachment. This is for people who do not own a vehicle, but who want to carry liability insurance in case they cause a serious accident while driving a borrowed vehicle that’s insured by the owner. It is not intended as a substitute for the insurance carried by the vehicle owner, but supplements the insurance on the vehicle, if needed. Non owner insurance also serves as evidence of continuous liability coverage (which shows personal financial responsibility on the part of the individual). In North Carolina drivers are required to purchase North Carolina non owner insurance to obtain a new drivers license.

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UltraCar Insurance specializes in issuing and filing non owner SR22 FR44 insurance certificates. Count on us when you need low rates and fast insurance quotes. Our agents are licensed in 34 states and thoroughly knowledgeable about high risk non owners insurance in each of those states. Start a quote now or call us today if you have questions!

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