Cheap non owners SR22 insurance

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Cheap non owners SR22 insurance

Cheap non owners SR22 insurance

Finding cheap non owners SR22 insurance is a priority when you want to reinstate your license. When you don’t own a car, you’ll need to file a non owner SR22 certificate with the DMV. This document is attached to a non-owner insurance policy with state-required minimum liability insurance coverage. As long as you maintain the SR22 policy for a specific time, you can drive a borrowed vehicle on a limited basis.

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How does cheap non owners SR22 insurance work?

Non owner SR22 is high-risk insurance for people who don’t own a vehicle and want to reinstate their license. The SR22 certificate is a financial responsibility form endorsed to a non-owner liability insurance policy. It guarantees that you’ll carry the minimum liability insurance coverage the state requires. Your insurance provider submits this filing with your state DMV, which allows the reinstatement of your driving privileges. You will have to keep the SR22 policy paid and current during a specific time the state assigns. If you don’t, the state will suspend your license again.

What does it cover?

SR22 non owner insurance provides you with limited liability coverage when you drive an insured, non-owned vehicle. It is secondary to the auto insurance a vehicle owner carries. If you cause an accident, the vehicle owner’s insurance pays claims first.

Non owner insurance coverage pays personal injury and property damage claims of the other party involved in the accident. It does not cover damage to the vehicle you were driving or injury to yourself or passengers in the car. Even when you have non owner SR22 insurance, the state can suspend your license if you drive an uninsured vehicle. You should always verify with the owner that the vehicle has insurance.

Types of vehicles you cannot drive:

Non owner insurance does not cover you when driving certain vehicles, such as:

  • Vehicles owned by others in your household
  • Cars you have regular access to drive
  • Rental, commercial, or employment-related vehicles

Information related to cheap non owners SR22 insurance

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