Can I get SR22 without a car?

When you have a suspended license and don't own a vehicle, you can get an SR22 without a car to reinstate your license.

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Can I get SR22 without a car?

Can I get SR22 without a car?

SR22 insurance without a car is high-risk insurance for license reinstatement when you don’t own a vehicle. Various circumstances can lead to an SR22 requirement, even if you’re not a vehicle owner. There are coverage limitations with non-owner SR22 insurance and restrictions on the type of vehicles you can drive. You can get a cross-state SR22 filing if you have non-owner SR22 insurance.

If you have a suspended driver’s license and need SR22 insurance, can you get SR22 without a car? Yes, you can. It’s called non-owner SR22 insurance. When you don’t own a vehicle, you may sometimes drive a friend’s or relative’s car if necessary. But you need a valid driver’s license to do so. After a license suspension, you’ll need to file a non-owner SR22 certificate with your state DMV to be able to drive a borrowed vehicle.

Causes of driver’s license suspensions

Reasons people need to get SR22 without a car:

  • Points for multiple tickets on your driver record
  • Driving a borrowed vehicle that’s not insured
  • DUI or drug conviction
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving an uninsured vehicle

Non-driving offenses can also lead to a license suspension:

  • Failure to appear in court
  • Missed child support payments
  • Not paying a fine, a loan payment, or parking tickets

Sometimes, people who don’t own a vehicle may not know they have a suspended license. For instance, they may have moved without providing a forwarding address and hadn’t received a license suspension notification. They might only find out if an officer pulls them over for a minor traffic violation. However, not knowing is not an excuse. They will get a ticket for driving without a license and need to get SR22 insurance without a car.

How to get SR22 insurance without a car

Buying non-owner SR22 insurance is not an automatic guarantee of license reinstatement. Each person’s case is different, and reinstatement involves specific requirements. Before getting a non-owner insurance policy and filing an SR22 certificate, you’ll have to complete your requirements.

When you’re ready to buy SR22 insurance, there are restrictions and limitations of non owner insurance coverage you should be aware of. You’ll need to keep this insurance in good standing, usually for three years. The SR22 certificate is an endorsement to your insurance policy, so if you cancel the policy or miss a payment, you’ll be out of compliance. That means the state will suspend your driving privileges again.

Cross-state SR22 without a car

Not all 50 states have an SR22 high risk insurance program, but they honor other states’ SR22 requirements. If you move from a state where you have an SR22 obligation to another state, you’ll need to get an out of state SR22 filing. You have to keep SR22 insurance current for the entire time the state requires it, regardless if you move to a different state. Another consideration is that your new state won’t issue you a driver’s license if you discontinue your SR22 coverage.

Unusual circumstances can sometimes complicate the process of getting SR22 without a car. An UltraCar Insurance agent will be glad to assist you and make the process easy. Give us a call or start an online quote today!

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