How Long do I need SR22 insurance?

How long do I need SR22 insurance?

Most people need SR22 insurance in place continously for 1-3 years, based on the reason for license suspension. Get a quote today!

How long do I need SR22 insurance?


When you find out you need SR22 insurance, you probably want to know how long you’ll have to keep it. Sometimes people have to carry SR22 insurance as the result of a court order unrelated to traffic offenses. But most of the time, people need SR22 insurance to reinstate their driver’s license after a motor vehicle violation. The length of time you’ll need to carry SR22 insurance depends on the offense that resulted in your license suspension.

One of the first questions that come to mind after your driver’s license suspension is, how long will I need SR22 insurance? Each person’s case is different, considering the violation or circumstance that led to their license suspension. (more…)

What situations require getting a cross-state SR22 without a car? Consider the following case: Your state requires you to have SR22 insurance for a specific reason (such as driving without insurance). You don’t own a car, so you get a non-owner insurance policy with an SR22 filing. (more…)

If you owned a vehicle when you first bought SR22 insurance, do you still need SR22 if you sell your car? The answer is yes. If your state requires you to carry SR22 insurance, it doesn’t matter if you own a car or not. What matters is the length of time your state requires you to have SR22 insurance. (more…)

If you don’t own a vehicle, you might wonder if you need insurance to drive a borrowed car. In general, you may borrow a friend’s or family member’s car as long as they have valid insurance and you don’t live in the same household.

What to know if you borrow someone’s vehicle

You don’t necessarily need to have your own insurance to drive a borrowed car on an occasional basis. As long as you don’t frequently drive the same borrowed vehicle, the owner’s auto insurance will cover you in the same way as it protects them. However, you should know several things before you drive someone else’s vehicle:

  • You need the owner’s permission to drive the vehicle.
  • The vehicle owner must carry insurance on the car.
  • Make sure that current proof of insurance card and vehicle registration paperwork are in the glove compartment.

A vehicle owner’s insurance will not cover you in the following circumstances:

  • If you drive their car without permission.
  • If the vehicle owner has not insured the vehicle you’re driving.
  • When you don’t have a valid driver’s license.
  • If you get into an accident with their car while driving under the influence.
  • When you live in the same household as the vehicle owner.

Most insurance underwriters require anyone living in the same home as a vehicle owner to be listed on the owner’s insurance policy as a driver. If they aren’t listed, the vehicle owner’s insurance will not cover them.

Suppose you live in a vehicle owner’s household, and they add you as a driver on their insurance policy. In that case, any moving violation on your record will increase their insurance rate. Some insurance companies go back three years on your record; some companies look as far back as five years.

Insurance to drive a borrowed car if you don’t own a vehicle

Are there situations when you might need insurance to drive a borrowed car? Not if you meet the criteria described above. However, if you frequently borrow someone’s car, getting a non-owner insurance policy is a good idea. Here’s why:

Every state requires vehicle owners to carry minimum liability insurance coverage. Assume you borrow a friend’s insured vehicle and get into an accident. The insurance on the car covers damage and injury up to the limits of the policy. But what if claims exceed those limits, and how are they paid? A situation like this is when non-owner insurance comes to the rescue, especially if you frequently drive a borrowed car.

Non owner insurance coverage pays claims that exceed a vehicle owner’s insurance coverage. It offers peace of mind and is relatively inexpensive, so it’s an excellent option for insurance to drive a borrowed car. Another advantage of carrying non-owner insurance is getting a continuous coverage discount on insurance if you buy a car in the future.

Non-owner SR22 insurance to drive a borrowed car

If you’re not a vehicle owner and have a suspended driver’s license, you’ll need SR22 non owner insurance for license reinstatement. Your insurance provider will endorse the SR22 certificate to a non-owner insurance policy and file it with the state. This filing allows you to resume driving privileges as long as you keep the insurance policy up to date for the time your state requires it (usually one to three years).

UltraCar Insurance specializes in providing non-owner insurance, with or without an SR22 endorsement. We’ll quickly file an SR22 certificate with your state when you’re eligible for license reinstatement. Or, if you want non-owner insurance to drive a borrowed car for the added protection it offers, call us or click the quote button to get started today!

If you have a suspended driver’s license and need SR22 insurance, can you get SR22 without a car? Yes, you can. It’s called non-owner SR22 insurance. When you don’t own a vehicle, you may sometimes drive a friend’s or relative’s car if necessary. But you need a valid driver’s license to do so. (more…)

When you have a license suspension after a DUI conviction, and you don’t own a vehicle, you’ll buy FR44 non owner insurance Florida for reinstatement. When you’re eligible for license reinstatement, you’ll need to choose an FR44 insurance provider to issue and file your certificate with the state. (more…)

Our Florida and Virginia clients frequently ask, “Do I have to keep my FR44 if I move out of state?” And it’s a valid question, because Florida and Virginia are the only states that require an FR44 specifically for DUI or DWI license suspensions. (more…)

If you own a motorcycle and need to file a Virginia FR44 Insurance certificate, you can obtain Virginia FR44 motorcycle insurance. UltraCar Insurance can endorse your FR44 certificate to a motorcycle insurance policy. (more…)

When people in Florida and Virginia need to reinstate their license, they often ask, what’s the difference between SR22 FR44 insurance? These are the only states with two types of license reinstatement certificate. An SR22 insurance certificate is for non-alcohol related motor vehicle violations. The FR44 insurance certificate is for DUI or DWI violations.

What is FR44? In Florida and Virginia, it’s a financial responsibility form you need to buy after a DUI/DWI to reinstate your license. Florida and Virginia are the only states that require this form specifically for DUI/DWI offenses. (more…)


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