Florida FR44 Insurance

Florida FR44 Insurance

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Florida FR44 Insurance

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After a Florida DUI license suspension, you'll file a Florida FR44 insurance certificate to regain driving privileges.

When your license is suspended after a DUI violation, you’ll start the process of reinstatement by filing a Florida FR44 insurance certificate with the state DHSMV. It must be maintained without lapse for a period of 3 years (or longer if required), or your license will be suspended again. You can obtain Florida FR44 certificate if you own a vehicle or not.

The process of driver’s license reinstatement after a DUI conviction starts with obtaining a Florida FR44 insurance certificate. Because it’s required after alcohol or drug related motor vehicle offenses, FR44 is also referred to as Florida DUI insurance. Whether you need an owner or non owner FR44 policy, UltraCar Insurance helps by surveying top rated insurance companies to find the best rate and policy to suit your needs. Trying to figure out all the ins and outs of obtaining FR44 insurance can be confusing. Our licensed agents can guide you through it, get you the best possible rate, and within 20 minutes complete an electronic filing of your FR44 insurance certificate for license reinstatement.

What is Florida FR44 insurance?

FR44 insurance differs from SR22 insurance in that SR22 insurance Florida is required after non-alcohol related traffic offenses. FR44 is a high risk insurance certificate (Florida Uniform Financial Responsibility Certificate FR-44) that’s required after a DUI/DWI offense. Your FR44 certificate must be kept in good standing for a minimum of three years without lapse, or you risk another suspension of your license. Initially, FR44 policies must be paid in full for a six-month period. You may be able to return to monthly premium payments after the first six months.

How much does Florida FR44 insurance cost?

Everyone’s car insurance premiums are determined by factors like age, gender, marital status, claims history, driving record and where you reside in the state, among other considerations. Florida already has high rates for standard auto insurance, and with an FR44 requirement your premiums will likely double. The minimum auto insurance coverage required of all Florida drivers is $10,000 no-fault or personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL). If you’ve been convicted of DUI, the state of Florida requires you to carry insurance with much higher liability coverage, due to being designated a high risk driver. Therefore, you can expect much higher premiums, since minimum coverage requirements for Florida FR44 insurance increase as follows:

  • $100,000 bodily injury per individual per one accident
  • $300,000 bodily injury per one accident
  • $50,000 property damage per one accident

Beyond the cost of FR44 insurance there are other expenses related to having a DUI conviction, including fines, fees, and costs associated with installation of a Florida ignition interlock device, if required.

Types of Florida FR44 Insurance

Do you need FR44 insurance but don’t own a vehicle? You can fulfill your FR44 requirement with a non-owners insurance certificate. A non-owner FR44 offers secondary liability insurance coverage if you drive a car you don’t own. See our Florida Non Owner FR44 page for more information about FR44 non owner insurance. In addition, you can also obtain FR44 motorcycle insurance, and you can tie an FR44 certificate to a commercial auto insurance policy.

What happens to my Florida FR44 insurance if I move to another state?

If the situation arises that you have moved to a different state, you will find out that no insurance company can issue or process an out of state FR44 filing. Owner and non owner FR44 policies are issued in 6-month or 12-month increments, and must be maintained for 3 years, even if you move to another state. Ideally, you should contact the Florida DHSMV prior to moving and follow their recommendation. You may be able to maintain your policy for the duration of your policy term. If you move without notifying the DHSMV, you’ll most likely receive a non-renewal notice once the insurance company finds out you no longer live in Florida. You will then need to contact the Florida DHSMV to explain the situation, provide proof of residency and see if you can be granted a waiver – or follow their recommendation. Each case is different, and one rule may not apply to everyone.

Florida DMV

Other details regarding Florida DUI administrative suspension laws and penalties, fees and license reinstatement procedures can be found on the Florida DHSMV website.

More about Florida FR44 insurance

For information related to FR44 insurance in Florida, visit these pages on our website:

UltraCar Insurance in Florida

When you’re looking for Florida FR44 insurance companies, UltraCar Insurance will quickly find you the best rate, complete quick filing and get you back on the road. We always maximize your savings by comparing the rates of several insurance companies, and we’ll make sure you have the correct policy features that satisfy the state’s requirements. Start your Florida FR44 quote now by submitting our secure online form, or call us today!

Do you need Florida SR22 insurance instead? Visit our Florida SR22 Insurance page to learn more.


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Florida and Virginia residents who want to reinstate their license often ask, “what’s the difference between SR22 FR44 insurance?” These are the only states with two types of license reinstatement certificate. In Florida and Virginia, the SR22 insurance certificate is filed for non-alcohol related motor vehicle violations. The FR44 insurance certificate is filed for DUI or DWI violations.

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