What is SR22?

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What is SR22?

What is SR22?

What is SR22? It’s a high-risk insurance certificate you file with your state DMV to reinstate your driver’s license. However, before filing a certificate, you’ll need to complete all state requirements to be eligible for reinstatement. An insurance provider attaches the certificate to an auto insurance policy or a non owner insurance policy. Once the filing is processed, you can legally drive again, as long as your SR22 policy stays current. If your policy lapses before you complete your SR22 requirement, the state will suspend your license again.

What is SR22? Part of the license reinstatement process requires that you have a licensed insurance provider file an SR22 form with your state DMV. SR22 is also called a certificate of insurance or financial responsibility form.

You can purchase SR22 insurance with or without ownership of a vehicle. The certificate is an attachment (rider, endorsement) to an auto insurance policy. If you don’t own a car, truck, or motorcycle, you’ll get an SR22 non owner insurance policy, and the certificate is endorsed to that policy.

What does an SR22 filing do?

Most states require people to carry high-risk insurance for 1-3 years without lapse of coverage. During this time, the certificate is a means for the state to monitor your insurance coverage. The state considers your filing a guarantee of insurance coverage. Why is it considered a guarantee? Because if you miss a payment, the result is immediate license suspension. High-risk drivers need to have current insurance coverage to be financially responsible if they have any future at-fault accidents.

Some of our customers have asked if they can stop making SR22 insurance payments if they move to another state. The answer is no. You’ll have to keep this insurance in force as long as your current state requires it. Each state recognizes an individual’s SR22 requirement in another state. So if you move out of state, please contact your insurance agent beforehand to stay adequately insured.

Why does the state require me to file an SR22?

The most common reasons for SR22 insurance involve motor vehicle violations such as:

  • Driving without a valid driver’s license
  • Excessive points against a driver record (multiple traffic offenses)
  • Driving without insurance coverage
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Having a DUI or DWI conviction

A court can also require someone to submit a filing in response to a legal judgment, such as non-payment of child support.

Financial responsibility certificates in Florida and Virginia

In Florida and Virginia, license reinstatement for an alcohol-related suspension requires an FR44 certificate. In these two states, the premiums for FR44 insurance are much higher than those for non-alcohol-related certificates. For more information about these financial responsibility filings, see Florida SR22 FR44 and Virginia SR22 FR4 Insurance.

UltraCar Insurance sells SR22 insurance in 34 states, and our agents are licensed in each of these states. We also offer:

  • FR44 insurance in Florida and Virginia
  • SR50 insurance in Indiana
  • SR22A insurance in Georgia
  • Standard motorcycle insurance with or without an SR22 or FR44 rider
  • Standard auto and motorcycle insurance policies

If you own a business with commercial vehicles, we can add an SR22 filing to a commercial auto insurance policy.

When you need answers about what is SR22 insurance, UltraCar Insurance can help. We specialize in SR22 filings in 34 states. Talk with an agent today for competitive quotes in your state!

Are you concerned about late SR22 payments during the pandemic? We’ll get you in touch with your insurance carrier to assist you with payment options during this difficult time.

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