What Is SR22?

What is SR22?

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What is SR22?

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What is SR22? In order for a driver to reinstate a suspended license, an SR22 form must be filed with a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles by a licensed insurance provider. Also called a certificate of insurance or financial responsibility form, it is an attachment (rider, endorsement) to an auto insurance policy. An SR22 certificate can purchased with or without ownership of a vehicle. When an individual who needs this filing doesn’t own a vehicle, they will purchase non owner SR22 insurance. SR22 is a means for the state Department of Motor Vehicles to track and monitor the driver to ensure that they keep in force the mandated liability insurance required by the state at all times during their license suspension period. Most states usually require high risk insurance to be carried for three years without lapse of coverage.

If your state has required you to carry SR22 insurance for a certain period of time, you may wonder if you could discontinue SR22 coverage if you move to another state. The answer to this question is NO. If you move out of your state, be sure to contact your insurance agent beforehand so they can help you stay properly insured.

What is SR22 required for?

Common reasons for an SR22 insurance requirement include motor vehicle violations such as driving without a valid driver’s license, excessive points against a driver’s record (multiple traffic offenses), driving without liability insurance coverage, driver’s license suspension or a DUI or DWI conviction. This type of insurance can also be required after legal judgments involving non-payment of child support, etc.

In Florida and Virginia, reinstating your license after a non-alcohol related suspension requires filing an SR22 certificate with the state. For license reinstatement after an alcohol/drug related suspension you will file an FR44 certificate. For more information about these two forms of financial responsibility filing, see these pages: Florida SR22 FR44 and Virginia SR22 FR44 Insurance. Premiums are higher for FR44 insurance than for SR22 insurance in these states.

UltraCar Insurance specializes in providing high risk insurance in 34 states, including SR22 insurance, FR44 insurance in Florida and Virginia, Indiana SR50 insurance, Georgia SR22A insurance, motorcycle insurance with SR22 or FR44 filings – as well as standard auto and motorcycle insurance policies. If you own a business with commercial vehicles, an SR22 filing can also be attached to a commercial auto insurance policy. All of our agents are licensed in the states shown on our website. When you need answers to your questions about what is SR22 insurance, let UltraCar Insurance help. Give us a call today for your competitive SR22 insurance quote!


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