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Maine SR22 Insurance

Maine SR22 Insurance

If your drivers license has been suspended after a traffic violation or a legal judgment, you’ll need to obtain Maine SR22 insurance for license reinstatement. A Maine SR22 certificate is filed with the state DMV and added as a rider to your auto insurance policy. It is monitored by your insurance provider to ensure you have liability insurance coverage for a time period determined by the state.

There are two types of Maine SR22 insurance: SR22 owner and non owner certificates. With UltraCar Insurance you’ll get affordable rate quotes from leading auto insurance companies. You don’t have to spend hours shopping and comparing – we find, compare, and provide affordable SR22 quotes for you. UltraCar Insurance can issue and file your SR22 certificate with the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles in as little as 20 minutes.

What is Maine SR22 Insurance?

SR22 insurance is high-risk auto coverage the state requires you to maintain if you want to reinstate your license. The SR22 form is a rider to an auto insurance policy. It is a guarantee that you will maintain the minimum liability insurance coverage the state requires for a specific time in the future. When you purchase an SR22 insurance policy, your insurance provider files the SR22 certificate with the Maine BMV. Maine SR22 insurance is high risk insurance that you can buy with liability-only coverage, or with collision and comprehensive coverage. The state typically requires drivers to carry it for three to five years. During the time you have SR22 insurance, the insurance company that issued your policy monitors it. If it lapses for any reason, the BMV will suspend or revoke your driving privileges.

There are various reasons a driver may lose driving privileges. Individuals who drive without the mandated liability insurance coverage may have their driving privileges suspended. Drivers who accumulate too many points against their record can also have their driving privileges suspended. Other circumstances can also result in suspension or revocation of driving privileges, such as a child support or neglect case or legal judgment against the driver.

SR22 When You Don’t Own a Vehicle

Drivers who do not own a vehicle can have their driving privileges reinstated by purchasing a non owner insurance policy with an SR22 endorsement. A non owner SR22 policy acts as secondary insurance to a vehicle owner’s primary insurance. This type of insurance plan only covers vehicles owned by another individual that the SR22 policyholder drives on occasion. A non owner SR22 policy does not cover rental or commercial vehicles, or vehicles in the household where the SR22 policyholder resides. See our Maine Non Owner SR22 Insurance page for more information.

Minimum Auto Liability Insurance Requirement in Maine:

  • $50,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $100,000 bodily injury liability for all injuries in an accident
  • $25,000 in property damage in one accident

Maine BMV

You’ll find more information about SR22 insurance on the Maine BMV website.

UltraCar Insurance in Maine

Whether you need owner or non owner Maine SR22 insurance, depend on UltraCar Insurance to quickly find the best rate to suit your needs. We look forward to helping you. Call us today or click the button to start an online quote now!

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