Broad form vehicle insurance

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Broad form vehicle insurance

Broad form vehicle insurance

In some states, you can buy broad form vehicle insurance. This type of insurance covers one named-operator policyholder only. You can purchase it whether you own a vehicle or not. Broad form insurance is a cheaper way to file an SR22 certificate, but it has severe limitations. If you don’t own a car, the policy covers you when you drive a borrowed vehicle. If you own a car, it covers you when driving any vehicles you own.

In several states, you can purchase broad form vehicle insurance as a way to file an SR22 certificate for license reinstatement. Broad form insurance covers a single policyholder, rather than insuring a particular vehicle. In most cases, people purchase this kind of policy as non owner SR22 insurance without a car. Your state of residence and an insurance company’s underwriting determine whether you can buy this type of insurance as a non owner or auto owner’s policy.

Broad form vehicle insurance has strict limitations:

When you need SR22 insurance, it can be tempting to buy a broad form policy because of its low cost. But you need to know some facts to avoid the possibility of severe financial repercussions.

  • Broad form insurance covers ONLY you when driving a car you own, or or one borrowed with the owner’s permission.
  • It does not provide coverage for anyone else to drive your vehicle. You cannot let anyone else drive your car for any reason.
  • Coverage does not apply if you drive a motor home or motorcycle, or when driving for business purposes.
  • It does not cover damage to any vehicles you own or borrow to drive or to any company cars you operate.
  • This type of policy provides liability-only coverage. It does not include comprehensive, collision, or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

What’s the best kind of SR22 policy if I own a car?

To avoid a rate increase on your current auto policy, you can purchase broad form SR22 insurance as a non owner policy. Doing this keeps the SR22 separate from your present auto insurance. If your insurance company can’t add an SR22 to your current auto policy, a broad form or regular non owner SR22 policy may be a suitable alternative.

Which states offer broad form vehicle insurance?

UltraCar Insurance writes broad form policies in the states listed below. This insurance can be written as a stand-alone policy or with an SR22 endorsement.

Insurance regulations vary from state to state. Talk with an experienced UltraCar Insurance agent to find out if broad form vehicle insurance is a suitable option for you.

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