Cross-State SR22 Insurance

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Cross-State SR22 Insurance

Cross-State SR22 Insurance

You may not realize that you can’t discontinue SR22 insurance if you move to another state. You’ll need to get a secondary cross-state SR22 insurance filing when you move until the original requirement expires. Every state honors the SR22 obligation of another, and will not issue a state driver’s license to you if you have an outstanding SR22 filing in another state.

You’ll need cross-state SR22 insurance if you have an active SR22 filing in your current state and relocate to another state. Did you know that an SR22 insurance obligation stays in effect, even when you move out of state?

Each state’s DMV assigns and expects you to keep SR22 insurance for a specific time. So if you don’t maintain your current SR22 insurance when you move, you’ll end up with a suspended driver’s license. A consequence of having a suspended license in one state is that your new state will not issue a driver’s license to you.

Cross-state SR22 insurance scenarios

For example, let’s assume you currently live in Virginia, have an active SR22 filing in that state, and plan to move to Florida. When you notify your insurance carrier of an out-of-state change of address, the carrier will cancel your policy since they can’t transfer it from one state to another. With a canceled SR22 policy, Virginia will suspend your driver’s license. Therefore, it’s essential to buy a cross-state SR22 insurance policy.

In another scenario, you’ll need an out-of-state SR22 insurance policy if you live in one state but need an SR22 filing after a violation committed in a different state. You may also need this type of insurance filing due to a court order from another state than your own.

How to keep your SR22 requirement active

To avoid problems when you have SR22 and move to another state, you should prevent the lapse and cancellation of your current SR22 policy. Therefore, continue making payments on your policy until you move. When you do move, you can get a new insurance policy and file a secondary out-of-state SR22 certificate in the state that requires it.

How to get a cross-state SR22 filing

Not all insurance companies can perform a cross-state SR22 insurance filing. The company you choose needs to have a license in your previous and your new state, which can sometimes be challenging. Allow a few days for your secondary SR22 filing to be recorded before canceling your previous policy. As with most SR22 insurance policies, you can buy an owner-operator policy if you own a vehicle, with liability-only or comprehensive coverage. If you don’t own a vehicle, you’ll need a cross-state SR22 without a car. In many instances, you can also get an out-of-state filing for SR22 motorcycle insurance.

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Obtaining cross-state SR22 insurance can be complicated, so get expert advice from UltraCar Insurance. We’ll help you with cross-state SR22 insurance filings in these 34 states, please give us a call and let us simplify the process for you!

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