Non Owner Insurance Coverage

Non owner insurance coverage

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Non owner insurance coverage

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Non owner insurance coverage is liability insurance for people who don’t own a vehicle. It can be purchased with or without an SR22 filing. Non owner insurance allows for reinstatement of a driver’s license, and provides minimum liability insurance coverage to drive a non-owned vehicle on an occasional basis. Non owner insurance does not insure a vehicle, therefore it has coverage limitations.

Non owner insurance coverage is liability-only insurance that a state may require you to carry in certain circumstances. Non owner insurance is secondary insurance on any non-owned vehicle you drive on an occasional or as-needed basis. SR22 non owner insurance usually includes a certain amount of bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. In the event of an accident caused by you, the vehicle owner’s insurance pays claims first, and your non owner insurance coverage only comes into effect if claims exceed the vehicle owner’s insurance coverage limits. Non owner SR22 insurance only covers personal injury or property damage of the other party involved in an accident in which you are at fault.

SR22 non owner insurance is a proof of financial responsibility certificate. If you are required by the state to carry SR22 non owner insurance, maintaining it without lapse throughout your probationary period reduces your chances of being classified as a high risk driver after you are no longer required to carry SR22 insurance.

In cases when you are not required by the state to carry SR22 insurance and you do not own a vehicle, carrying non owner insurance shows that you are being financially responsible when you drive a borrowed vehicle. Non vehicle owners who have non owner insurance coverage are viewed as being financially responsible. Carrying non owner insurance also serves as proof of continuous insurance coverage, which is a good way to maintain or regain preferred driver status with insurance companies.

It is important to know that certain types of coverage are not included with non owner SR22 insurance.

  • Neither comprehensive nor collision coverage are available with non owner insurance coverage
  • Towing charges are not covered
  • Coverage does not extend to rental vehicles, commercial vehicles, vehicles in your household, or frequently borrowed vehicles
  • You are not covered when driving any type of employment-related vehicle
  • A non owner insurance policy is not intended as cheaper alternative coverage for teen drivers in the household

Since non owner insurance coverage does not apply to you or the vehicle you are driving, it is important that any vehicle you drive is insured by the owner. Because of the coverage limitations cited above, premiums for non owner insurance coverage are generally less expensive than for SR22 owner or owner-operator insurance.

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