Non Owner SR22

Non Owner SR22

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Non Owner SR22

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Non owner SR22 is a certificate of financial responsibility. It’s attached to a non-owner insurance policy and filed with the state DMV, most often for driver’s license reinstatement. It is secondary liability insurance that covers an individual policyholder when they drive someone else’s car. People who purchase non owner insurance do not own a vehicle.

When you want to restore your driving privileges and you don’t own a vehicle, you’ll need to buy non owner SR22 insurance. The SR22 certificate is an endorsement (rider) to a non owner insurance policy. Non owner insurance complies with the minimum liability coverage required by your state. However, you can buy additional coverage to suit your budget and needs.

Reasons people buy non owner SR22 insurance

  • DUI or DWI offenses
  • Reckless driving
  • Refusal to submit a blood or breath test
  • Uninsured accidents
  • Too many points on the DMV driving record
  • Child support or neglect cases
  • Legal judgments

How does non owner insurance work?

Non owner insurance is an operator or named-operator policy. It is secondary insurance that covers you when you drive a non-owned vehicle. If you borrow a car and cause an accident, the vehicle owner’s insurance pays claims up to its coverage limits (assuming you had the owner’s permission to drive it). Your non owner SR22 insurance becomes effective only if claims exceed the vehicle owner’s insurance coverage. If that happens, your secondary non owner insurance pays any additional claim amounts.

Non owner insurance coverage

Be aware that there are limitations to non owner insurance coverage.

  • Does not replace the primary insurance of a vehicle owner
  • Will not cover teenage drivers living at home (as an alternative to adding them to a parent’s insurance policy)
  • Liability-only coverage; does not include comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Does not cover you when driving a rental, commercial, or employment-related vehicle
  • Excludes you from operating any vehicles owned by others in your household or vehicles you can drive regularly

Broad Form Insurance

There is another type of non owner insurance called a Broad Form SR22. UltraCar Insurance also offers a Broad Form policy with an SR22 endorsement in some states. See our Broad Form Vehicle Insurance article for more information, or talk with an agent to find out if Broad Form SR22 Insurance is right for you.

Non owner insurance without SR22

You can buy a stand-alone non owner insurance policy; it doesn’t require an SR22 attachment. You can get non owner insurance without an SR22 rider if you want additional insurance coverage when driving a borrowed vehicle.

What if I buy a car?

Your insurance provider can easily convert your non owner SR22 insurance to an owner/owner-operator policy. But this is not an automatic process. You need to call your insurance agent and provide the vehicle information to add to the policy.

Your premiums will generally increase depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. You may also want comprehensive and collision coverage with your owner SR22 policy, which will additionally increase the cost.

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Not all insurance companies can issue non owner or SR22 non owner policy; there are very few that can. UltraCar Insurance offers non owner SR22 insurance, surveying the rates of top insurance carriers to find the best price and policy for your needs. Call with any questions or concerns you have, or click the quote button to get started!


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SR22 insurance without a license

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Can you get SR22 insurance without a valid license? Yes. You can file an SR22 form with the state DMV if you have a suspended license or no license.

How do I get SR22 without a license?

If you have no driver’s license, the DMV assigns an ID number to any motor vehicle violations you commit. The information from this ID number will transfer to a valid driver’s license. The violation(s) remain on your record for 3-5 years. Using a DMV-issued ID or temporarily assigned number, we can verify your information by running a motor vehicle report (MVR). Sometimes we can’t verify data through an MVR due to an incorrect ID number, case number, last name, or birth date. If we try to file your certificate with inaccurate information, you cannot get SR22 without a license.

Finding a company to get SR22 insurance without a license can sometimes be challenging. Not all insurance companies can endorse (attach) an SR22 certificate to a policy when you don’t have a valid license. Many standard/preferred insurance companies will not take on this risk. If they do, you’ll probably pay a substantial premium. You can get a better outcome with assistance from a high-risk insurance provider like UltraCar Insurance.

What if I have a driver’s license but not a car?

If you don’t own a vehicle, you can get non-owner insurance coverage, which endorses an SR22 certificate to a non-owner insurance policy. The DMV can also assign a designated number or a case number to which the SR22 is attached.

Rates for SR22 insurance without a license

When determining your rate, insurance companies consider the conviction date, not the date of the violation. For example:

  • What if your offense occurred three years ago, but your conviction was this year? In that case, the insurance company bases your rate as if you got the ticket this year. Then the violation stays on your record for the next three years. Your rate will change once the infraction drops off, but only at renewal. In other words, your six or twelve-month rate won’t change during the policy period.
  • If someone not yet eligible for a driver’s license gets caught driving, what happens? They’ll lose their driving privileges for a long time, right from the start. When they get SR22 without a license, the ticket impacts their rate, remains on their record, and transfers to their driver’s license once they get one.

Other requirements for getting SR22 insurance

To get a valid driver’s license or reinstate your suspended license, you’ll have to complete specific requirements. Before getting SR22 insurance, you may have to:

  • Enroll in a state-run driver safety program
  • Pay a reinstatement fee
  • Participate in community service

Every situation is usually unique in some way.

Call UltraCar Insurance when you need SR22 insurance without license. Get a free, no-obligation SR22 quote from one of our friendly agents. Call today and get the lowest rate for your particular needs!

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