North Carolina Non Owner Insurance

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North Carolina Non Owner Insurance

North Carolina Non Owner Insurance

Individuals who are not vehicle owners must purchase and carry North Carolina non owner insurance to obtain a new, first-time driver’s license or to reinstate a suspended driver’s license. In addition, new residents to the state must obtain North Carolina non owner insurance to obtain a North Carolina driver’s license. Non owners insurance is liability-only coverage written on one person only.

All North Carolina drivers who own a vehicle must carry the minimum liability insurance coverage mandated by the state. Individuals who drive without proper insurance coverage risk driver’s license suspension. If you don’t own a vehicle but want to obtain a new driver’s license or have your suspended license reinstated, you’ll need to purchase North Carolina non owner insurance. UltraCar Insurance will provide you with rate quotes from top rated companies and help you obtain the policy you need.

What is North Carolina Non Owner Insurance?

North Carolina non owner insurance is required by individuals who don’t own a vehicle for the following reasons:

  • For current residents who are first-time drivers to obtain a new North Carolina driver’s license
  • For a current resident to reinstate their suspended drivers license
  • For new residents in the state to obtain a new North Carolina drivers license

Applicants must first purchase a North Carolina non owner insurance policy and then present a copy of the insurance card to the North Carolina DMV. Sometimes the DMV requires a DL-123 form to be filed. A DL-123 is a certificate that shows the policy number, starting date and expiration date. North Carolina non owner insurance policies offer liability only coverage.

North Carolina has set the following minimum amount of liability insurance that all drivers must carry:

  • $30,000 bodily injury for one individual in one accident
  • $60,000 for two or more individuals in one accident
  • $25,000 property damage incurred in one accident

North Carolina non owner insurance policies are written for one person, and will not cover:

  • Vehicles registered in your name
  • Vehicles that you frequently drive
  • Vehicles owned by others in your household
  • Rental vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Any type of employment-related vehicles

If you’re a resident of North Carolina and are required to carry SR22 insurance in a state other than North Carolina, UltraCar Insurance can assist you in filing an SR22 certificate in that other state. Refer to this page on our website to see which states we offer SR22 insurance. Please see this page to learn more about UltraCar Insurance and the services we offer.

North Carolina DMV

More Information can be found at the North Carolina DMV Website.

UltraCar Insurance in North Carolina

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