Court Ordered SR22 Insurance

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Court Ordered SR22 Insurance

Court Ordered SR22 Insurance

What’s the difference between a court ordered SR22 judgment and a state ordered SR22? Both result in the same requirement for you to carry high-risk insurance. When a court orders someone to carry SR22 insurance, it usually involves more serious motor vehicle violations or other legal issues. A judge can assign an SR22 requirement whether the person owns a vehicle or does not own one.

A judge may direct you to obtain court ordered SR22 insurance at your hearing when you have a major traffic-related conviction. SR22 insurance, when court ordered, is also known as a mandatory insurance certificate.

Court ordered SR22 insurance is a means to secure your financial responsibility before the state restores your driving privileges. Then the state may issue you a restricted or hardship license so you can drive to and from work or for other reasons.

Court Ordered SR22 / State Ordered SR22

A judge orders court ordered SR22 insurance at the time of a hearing in which you are present. Motor vehicle violations such as DUI, multiple at-fault accidents, reckless driving resulting in injury, or child support cases involve a court appearance. In cases of severe offenses or those involving injury, a judge may order you to carry higher coverage than the state’s minimum liability requirements.

State ordered SR22 insurance involves more routine motor vehicle violations. These would include driving without insurance, driving with a suspended license, or getting multiple or repeated traffic violations (points). You will receive a letter from the state DMV that outlines your SR22 liability insurance requirements for license reinstatement.

In both court ordered SR22 and state ordered SR22 cases, there is generally a probationary period before the state considers reinstating your license. During this probationary period, you may have to take an educational class or complete other requirements.

Can I get court ordered SR22 insurance if I don’t own a vehicle?

You can buy non-owner SR22 insurance to reinstate your driver’s license when you don’t own a car. Sometimes an insurance company will not offer SR22 insurance if you owned a vehicle but no longer do. In that case, you’ll need to find a company that can provide a non-owner policy with an SR22 endorsement.

What if I have SR22 insurance and move to another state?

Suppose you have an active court ordered SR22 filing, with or without a car. In that case, you must still maintain it without any interruption. But you’ll want to be aware of and prepared for a few issues you might encounter. In general, whether you have auto insurance or non-owner insurance, the policy must be issued in the state where you reside.

For example, you cannot maintain a California insurance policy once you move to Oregon. Therefore, you should notify your SR22 insurance carrier that you’re moving to Oregon. After informing them, you’ll receive a policy cancellation letter, usually within 30 days, or a non-renewal notice if you had paid the premium in full.

Before the cancellation date, you’ll buy a new insurance policy in Oregon and do a cross-state SR22 filing in California. Your current insurance provider can rewrite a new policy and file the cross-state SR22 certificate if they have a license in both states. If they can’t complete this process, UltraCar Insurance can help you.

Moving from Florida or Virginia with FR44 insurance

For those with FR44 insurance in Florida or Virginia, see What happens to my FR44 if I move out of state?

If you have any questions regarding court ordered SR22 insurance, count on UltraCar Insurance to help you navigate through them. Call us and find out for yourself! We’ll provide you with unbiased advice that’s best in your situation, without any obligation.

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