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Illinois SR22 Insurance

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The state of Illinois requires anyone who has had their license suspended to carry Illinois SR22 insurance to reinstate driving privileges. The SR22 certificate is filed with the state DMV, and is usually required to be kept without lapse for 3 years. SR22 is a guarantee to the state that the driver remains covered by the required liability insurance during their suspension period.

Illinois SR22 insurance can be quite costly and time consuming to shop for on your own. Finding the best rates is crucial. UltraCar Insurance works with top rated companies to find the best Illinois SR22 insurance rate to suit your needs, and files your certificate quickly and accurately in as little as twenty minutes start to finish.

There are a number of reasons an individual’s license can be suspended or revoked: driving without proper insurance coverage, accumulation of too many tickets or points, at-fault accidents, a DUI or DWI conviction and child support or neglect cases, among others. The state of Illinois mandates all high risk drivers and individuals who have had their license suspended or revoked to carry Illinois SR22 insurance.

What is Illinois SR22 Insurance?

SR22 insurance Illinois is liability coverage in the form of a certificate of financial responsibility endorsed to a primary auto insurance policy. The SR22 certificate is filed with the Illinois State Department of Motor Vehicles, serving as a guarantee that the driver is covered by the proper amount of liability insurance without lapse for a specific period of time. Generally, Illinois SR22 insurance is required to be carried for three years. If it lapses, expires or is canceled during that period of time, the insurance provider is required to complete an SR26 filing with Illinois DMV, resulting in the driver’s license being suspended again.

Illinois SR22 insurance coverage can be liability only, or with collision and comprehensive coverage if you own a vehicle.  If you do not own a vehicle, you can purchase a non owner Illinois SR22 insurance policy.  See our Non Owner SR22 Insurance Illinois page for more information.

The state of Illinois requires drivers to carry the following minimum liability insurance coverage (most recent requirements per Illinois State Bill 1898):

  • $25,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability for all injuries in an accident
  • $20,000 in property damage per accident

Illinois DMV

Detailed information about licensing, motor vehicle laws and penalties for moving violations can be found on the Illinois DMV Website.

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