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SR22 FR44 Insurance

Get affordable SR22 or FR44 insurance after a driver's license suspension.

Almost every state requires SR22 or FR44 insurance after a driver’s license suspension. A licensed insurance agent in your state attaches the certificate to an auto or non-owner insurance policy. Then they file it with the DMV. This filing allows you to reinstate your driving privileges. You can get an owner certificate if you own a vehicle, or a non-owner auto insurance policy. In Florida and Virginia, the FR44 certificate is for license reinstatement specifically for DUI-related license suspensions.

SR22 and FR44 insurance are high-risk insurance policies with an SR22 or FR44 rider (certificate). An insurance provider files the certificate with your state DMV, which the state requires you to file to reinstate your driver’s license after a suspension. Your agent attaches the certificate to your auto insurance policy if you own a vehicle. If you don’t own a car, you’ll get a non-owner SR22 or FR44 insurance policy and file the financial responsibility form with your state DMV.

High-Risk Auto Insurance by State

Most states have SR22 requirements that allow people to reinstate their driving privileges. These requirements enable you to reinstate your license after DUI/DWI or non-alcohol and drug-related suspensions. UltraCar Insurance offers high-risk insurance in the following states:

SR22 FR44 Insurance in Florida & Virginia

Florida and Virginia have two types of high-risk insurance certificates. So, what’s the difference between SR22 and FR44 in Florida and Virginia? FR44 is for license reinstatement only after DUI/DWI convictions.

UltraCar Insurance agents are experienced and licensed in 34 states to provide high-risk auto insurance. For affordable quotes on high-risk insurance and quick filing, give us a call or start an online quote today!

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