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Virginia FR44 Insurance

Virginia FR44 Insurance

If you’re eligible for license reinstatement after a DUI offense, a Virginia FR44 insurance certificate is one of the requirements you must complete. Filing this certificate and keeping your insurance policy current while the state requires it allows you to reinstate your driving privileges. You can get FR44 insurance if you own a vehicle or not, and the certificate can also be attached to a motorcycle insurance policy.

Any person with a DUI conviction in Virginia must carry Virginia FR44 insurance to reinstate their license. Two states currently use an FR44 filing system specifically for alcohol-related offenses: Florida and Virginia. Virginia was the first state to adopt this separate filing system in 2008. Electronic filing is the usual method of submitting the certificate to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This allows for faster processing and better efficiency. If you’re already working with someone at the DMV who requires you to file manually, UltraCar Insurance can file manually at your request.

How does Virginia FR44 insurance work?

FR44 insurance guarantees future insurance coverage and proof of financial responsibility. An insurance provider endorses the FR44 certificate to an insurance policy and files it with the Virginia DMV by an insurance provider. Your policy has to stay current during a specific time (in most cases, three years). The insurance company monitors Virginia FR44 insurance your insurance policy to make sure it doesn’t lapse. Your insurance provider submits an FR46 form to the state if it does. This results in another license suspension, requiring you to repeat the reinstatement process.

Your insurance agent writes a Virginia FR44 insurance owner policy when you own a car, truck, or motorcycle. (If you own a motorcycle, see Virginia FR44 Motorcycle Insurance.) Then, they endorse the certificate to your vehicle insurance policy. If you don’t own a car, you’ll purchase a Non-Owner FR44 Virginia policy, and your agent endorses the certificate to a non-owner insurance policy.

Minimum coverage requirements for DUI insurance:

The state considers alcohol and drug-related motor vehicle offenses the most serious. Therefore, minimum liability coverage for FR44 DUI insurance is two times higher than for SR22 insurance. (SR22 is for violations unrelated to alcohol or drugs).

  • $60,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $120,000 bodily injury liability for all injuries in an accident
  • $40,000 in property damage per accident

The following violations require a Virginia FR44 insurance filing:

  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Causing injury to others or property while under the influence
  • Violating the provisions of federal law.
  • Driving without a license due to forfeit for a conviction
  • Driving without a license (juvenile)

The Virginia DMV website outlines how to obtain restricted driving privileges after a DUI conviction.

Selecting the right insurance provider can save you time and money. UltraCar Insurance specializes in Virginia FR44 insurance. We’ll write an insurance policy for your needs at the lowest possible rate. Call us or start a quick online quote today!

NOTE: If your license suspension is unrelated to DUI/DWI, see Virginia SR22 Insurance.

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