General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

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General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance (GL) provides coverage for business owners when claims arise in the course of doing business. Many types of businesses can experience claims that may involve property damage, bodily injury, personal injury and other types of claims. The protection available through GL insurance can provide real peace of mind to contractors and small business owners.

What does general liability insurance cover?

Any company needs to avoid what can be a catastrophic expense that a claim or lawsuit can bring. Contractors and small business owners’ livelihoods depend on uninterrupted operations and few unexpected issues. General liability insurance protects you in case of accidents involving your employees or customers that can result in an expensive lawsuit. In addition, you may do business with individuals or other companies who require that you carry some level of general liability coverage to do business with them.

Contractors can purchase a stand-alone general liability policy, or combine general liability with additional coverage available in a Business Owners Policy (BOP). If you need coverage for personal property used in your business operations, for a commercial garage or storage building, for payroll insurance, etc. – a Business Owners Policy includes it all.

Can I afford the cost of general liability insurance?

Many factors are considered in the pricing for general liability insurance. Some of these include the type of business you own, the location where you operate, how many employees you have (if any), and your company’s risk exposure. Risk exposure is defined as your likelihood of being sued. In general, a company that provides several types of services has a higher level of risk exposure than one that provides just one type of service.

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How to Apply

How to Apply

07/01/2017 | UltraCar Insurance

How to apply for SR22, FR44 or SR50 insurance, motorcycle insurance, commercial auto insurance or general liability insurance is an easy process. Just complete our quote form by selecting the insurance you need. Our licensed agents are knowledgeable in all aspects of high risk auto insurance and insurance for your business, and can answer your questions in easy to understand terms. We can minimize the impact of driver’s license suspension or revocation by issuing and filing your AAMV Uniform Financial Responsibility Form for SR22, FR44 or SR50 insurance in about 20 minutes. Our commercial auto and professional liability insurance policies are tailor made for your business. Choose UltraCar Insurance for your personal auto, commercial auto and business insurance needs. Call us today at (888) 551-1991.