Can I get Virginia FR44 motorcycle insurance?

After a DUI suspension, Virginia FR44 motorcycle insurance may cost you less than attaching your certificate to an auto policy.

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Can I get Virginia FR44 motorcycle insurance?

To reinstate your license after a Virginia DUI violation, Virginia FR44 motorcycle insurance may be a less costly option. Endorsing an FR44 certificate to a motorcycle insurance policy can cost less than an endorsing it to an auto policy. Since FR44 insurance is usually required for an average of 3 years, that can make a difference to your budget.

If you own a motorcycle and need to file a Virginia FR44 Insurance certificate, you can obtain Virginia FR44 motorcycle insurance. UltraCar Insurance can endorse your FR44 certificate to a motorcycle insurance policy.

What is FR44 insurance?

An FR44 certificate must be filed for license reinstatement after a DUI in Virginia. An FR44 is a financial responsibility form that a licensed Virginia insurance provider files for you. It’s a way to guarantee that you remain insured at all times while your license is suspended. Virginia DUI license suspensions usually average 3 years, but the length of time depends on individual circumstances.

A Virginia FR44 motorcycle insurance certificate can be tied to a motorcycle, scooter or moped policy. Your certificate/insurance policy is closely monitored. If it lapses, your insurance provider must notify the state and your restricted license will be revoked.

(If your license suspension is for a non-DUI related violation, you can obtain SR22 Motorcycle Insurance. Also see What’s the difference between SR22 and FR44 insurance?)

How much does FR44 motorcycle insurance cost?

Alcohol and drug related violations are the most serious motor vehicle offenses. That’s why the cost of FR44 high risk insurance is much higher than standard or SR22 insurance. Premiums for Virginia FR44 motorcycle insurance depend on factors such as:

  • Where you live (rural vs. urban)
  • Your age
  • Driving record
  • Circumstances of your DUI conviction
  • The type of motorcycle (a sport or high performance bike may cost 2 to 3 times more than a regular street bike)
  • The size of the engine

Other Virginia FR44 motorcycle insurance considerations:

If you own both a car and a motorcycle, you’ll probably save money tying the FR44 certificate to your motorcycle policy. (Of course, if you’re required to have an ignition interlock device, the certificate must be attached to your auto insurance policy.)

If you own only a motorcycle, the certificate can be endorsed to your motorcycle policy. Another option is to get a non owner FR44 Virginia policy. NOTE: you would not be covered to ride your motorcycle with a non-owner insurance policy.

Virginia DMV

Learn more about reinstating your Virginia driver’s license and restricted driving privileges after a DUI conviction on the Virginia DMV website.

Virginia FR44 motorcycle insurance can be a less expensive way to reinstate your license and complete your FR44 insurance obligation. Talk with an UltraCar Insurance agent to discuss your motorcycle insurance options or click the quote button to get started now!

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