DUI in Virginia

DUI in Virginia

Get license reinstatement after a Virginia DUI offense with an FR44 insurance filing. Start a quote now or give us a call.

DUI in Virginia

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If you have a license suspension after a conviction of DUI in Virginia, you can regain driving privileges by filing an FR44 certificate with the state DMV. After you’ve satisfied all requirements for license reinstatement, carrying FR44 insurance will allow you to drive legally during your suspension period with a restricted license.

Driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is against the law in all 50 states. You will face a charge of DUI in Virginia if you are 21 years of age or older and are tested with a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or higher. The blood alcohol limit for drivers under the age of 21 is 0.02%.

Having a conviction for DUI in Virginia is a serious matter that becomes even more problematic if you are involved in an accident while intoxicated. Many accidents occur and innocent people are injured or killed each year when someone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs gets behind the wheel. Statistics show that the number of injuries and deaths caused by DUI and DWI related accidents increases during holiday seasons.

Penalties for DUI in Virginia

DUI penalties vary substantially for drivers under age 21 and for drivers over age 21. Penalties for DUI in Virginia can also vary for drivers over the age of 21 depending on the severity of the Virginia DUI offense, any previous DUI convictions and blood alcohol content. For individuals over the age of 21 a first DUI offense will result in a 7-day administrative license suspension and a 1-year license revocation, among other possible penalties. A judge and the court will have the final ruling, with the outcome depending on the driver’s history. The driver may be eligible to receive a restricted license after the administrative 7-day license suspension, depending on the court’s ruling.

License Reinstatement after a DUI in Virginia

You can obtain Virginia license reinstatement after a DUI in Virginia by paying assigned fines, completing an alcohol safety action program (ASAP) and satisfying all court requirements. You will also need to obtain DUI insurance by filing an FR44 certificate with the Virginia DMV. If you own a vehicle, your Virginia FR44 insurance certificate will b will purchase an insurance policy with an FR44 filing; if you do not own a vehicle you will purchase non owner FR44 Virginia insurance. See the Virginia DMV website for more information about obtaining restricted driving privileges after a DUI conviction.

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