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Non Owner FR44

Need an affordable Florida or Virginia DUI insurance filing without a car?

In Florida and Virginia, when your license is suspended after a DUI violation and you don’t own a vehicle, you’ll have to file a non owner FR44 certificate to reinstate your license. To continue driving during a DUI license suspension, non owner FR44 insurance must be carried without any lapse. The FR44 form is attached to a non-owner insurance policy and filed with the state DMV by an insurance provider.

UltraCar Insurance offers non owner FR44 insurance to drivers with DUI license suspensions in Florida and Virginia. This type of insurance is for people who don’t own a vehicle and want to reinstate their license after an alcohol or drug related suspension. Florida non owner FR44 and Non owner FR44 Virginia are high-risk insurance policies specifically for substance-related motor vehicle convictions. You may also know this filing as Florida DUI insurance and Virginia DUI insurance.

Why do I need auto insurance if I don’t own a car?

Individuals who don’t own a vehicle must purchase non owner insurance as a condition for license reinstatement. A licensed insurance agent must attach the non owner FR44 certificate to a high-risk insurance policy and file it with the Florida or Virginia DMV. UltraCar Insurance will file your certificate electronically on your behalf. To be able to drive after a DUI license suspension, you must carry high-risk auto insurance for a specific time, without letting the policy lapse. Drivers usually must carry non owner insurance for three years. The company that issues your policy monitors its status closely during that time.

Is Non Owner FR44 insurance expensive?

Driving after consuming alcohol or other drugs greatly increases your chance of causing an accident that may result in injury or death. Therefore, you can expect to pay higher premiums for FR44 insurance than for non owner SR22 insurance. (In Florida and Virginia, SR22 filings are for reinstatement after non-alcohol-related license suspensions.) Offenses that involve alcohol or drugs are much more serious in nature, thus the higher premiums and minimum coverage. The minimum coverage requirements non owner FR44 in Florida are $100/$300/$50, and in Virginia they are $50/$100/$40.

Non owner insurance is secondary insurance with liability only coverage. If you drive a borrowed car and cause an accident, your secondary policy pays claims if they exceed the vehicle owner’s insurance.

Limitations of Non Owner FR44 policies

  • Liability-only coverage. (Collision or comprehensive coverage does not apply since you’re not insuring a vehicle.)
  • Coverage only applies to you when you drive a borrowed vehicle on occasion.
  • Non owner policies don’t cover household vehicles you can drive frequently.
  • These policies do not cover you when driving rental, commercial, or employment-related vehicle.

In Florida, the DMV assigns non owner FR44 certificates a 9-digit case number, starting with the number 4. The policies cover a six-month period, payable in full up front.

NOTE: If you own a car, truck or motorcycle you’ll need an owner’s Florida FR44 insurance certificate or Virginia FR44 insurance certificate to reinstate your license.

UltraCar Insurance agents hold licenses in Florida and Virginia and will answer all your questions about high-risk auto insurance. Click the quote button or call us today for an affordable rate and same-day filing of your FR44 certificate!

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