How SR22 insurance costs are determined

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How SR22 insurance costs are determined

Learn how auto insurance companies calculate your SR22 insurance rate.

Determining someone’s SR22 insurance costs involves factors that vary from person to person. Therefore, insurance providers can’t quote a single “lowest” SR22 insurance rate for everyone. Insurance underwriters consider each person’s years of driving experience, credit history, place of residence, age, and driving record in determining their SR22 rate.

SR22 insurance costs are generally higher than standard auto insurance because SR22 insurance is considered high risk insurance. People with a record of motor vehicle violations will have higher SR22 insurance rates. Drivers with repeat or severe traffic offenses have a higher chance of committing additional infractions. Therefore, insurance companies charge higher auto insurance rates to limit the risk of insuring these drivers.

How much will I pay for SR22 insurance?

Even with standard auto insurance, everyone’s insurance requirements vary; therefore, so will their insurance rates. Insurance underwriters take specific factors into account when determining SR22 insurance costs. But when violations like driving without insurance, repeated tickets or accidents, or DUI / DWI convictions are part of your driving record, it’s almost certain to increase your rate.

When the state requires you to carry SR22 insurance, your premiums will likely be higher than it is for standard auto insurance. And you’ll have to pay those higher rates for at least three years. As a general comparison:

  • After license suspension for exceeding points (multiple traffic tickets), your SR22 rate will be about twice as much as standard insurance.
  • After a DUI conviction, your SR22 insurance costs may be several times higher than for standard insurance.

How to reduce your high-risk auto insurance premiums

Depending on your state and your insurance company, you may be able to reduce your SR22 rate after a while by maintaining a clean driving record. In some states, keeping a clean driving record may allow your insurer to have the SR22 requirement removed, thus reducing your premiums. Other ways to reduce your SR22 insurance costs at the start:

  • Set a higher deductible.
  • Drive an older vehicle rather than a new model.
  • If you don’t own a car, non-owner SR22 insurance is less expensive in general than SR22 insurance tied to a vehicle.
  • If you start with a non-owner SR22, you can add a car later. But before you buy, find out what your rate will be. It could significantly higher, depending on the year and model, and whether you want full or liability-only coverage.

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