Cheap Affordable SR22 Insurance

Cheap Affordable SR22 Insurance

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Cheap Affordable SR22 Insurance

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If you need to purchase SR22 insurance, you definitely want to find a cheap affordable SR22 insurance rate. There are several things you can do that help bring down the cost of SR22 insurance before you need it. SR22 insurance certificates are available to vehicle owners and to people who don’t own a vehicle (non-owner SR22). Non owner policies are cheaper than SR22 owner insurance.

When you have to obtain high risk auto insurance for license reinstatement, you might wonder how to get cheap affordable SR22 insurance? Having some driving experience, practicing defensive driving and having a good driving record prior to requiring an SR22 filing are good ways to reduce your SR22 insurance premiums. If you’re usually this type of driver, UltraCar Insurance can help you get low SR22 insurance rates.

Tips to help you get cheap affordable SR22 insurance, before you even need it:

  • Taking advantage of an insurance discount by having continuous coverage without any lapse for a period of 1-5 years, whether you own a vehicle or not.
  • Keeping a clean driving record. Any traffic moving violation tickets within a 3-5 year period can impact your rate.
  • Owning a home or a condo.
  • If you don’t own a vehicle, obtaining non owners insurance (with or without an SR22 filing) will provide additional protection to you in case of an accident while driving another person’s vehicle. Additionally, being insured before you own a car indicates financial responsibility, and can save you money on auto insurance if you do buy a car.

You may have wondered if certain safety devices on a newer vehicle will help you get cheap affordable SR22 insurance. It seems logical that the price of standard auto or SR22 insurance would decrease with the addition of new safety features, but the answer to this question is yes – and no.

New innovations in auto safety technology, such as rear view cameras, airbags, anti-theft devices and blind spot detection systems make newer model cars much safer, reducing the chance of having an accident. Some new safety devices can be used on any type of car, including older models, which can benefit younger drivers who usually drive older vehicles. Insurance companies usually provide discounted rates on vehicles that have safety equipment installed. On the other hand, the cost to repair cost and replace these parts increases. In particular, generic replacement parts that are usually cheaper won’t be available for many years to come. So if an accident happens before generic parts are available, that increases the cost of repairs.

It takes several years before before new motor vehicle technologies transfer to less expensive, mid rage vehicles. When that happens it results in safer vehicles throughout the economic spectrum, and the cost of all types of auto insurance will become cheaper overall.

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A number of standard auto insurance companies don’t offer SR22 insurance, and even if they do an additional fee for the filing is added to your monthly premium. UltraCar Insurance specializes in providing cheap affordable SR22 insurance rates, without additional premium fees. You can get SR22 insurance if you own a vehicle or if not. Those of you who don’t own a car but need an SR22 certificate of financial responsibility filing for license reinstatement can purchase cheap non owner SR22 insurance to regain your driving privileges. Give us a call today to discuss your SR22 insurance needs.


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