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Cheap Non Owner SR22 Insurance Alabama

If you don’t own a vehicle and need SR22 insurance, it’s important to find cheap non owner SR22 insurance Alabama. Your SR22 insurance rate depends on several factors, but especially your age and your driving record. You’ll choose a licensed insurance provider to file your Alabama non owner SR22 certificate with the state. In most cases SR22 insurance must be carried for three years.

If you need affordable license reinstatement and don’t own a vehicle, you’re probably looking for cheap non owner SR22 insurance Alabama. When your license is suspended you’ll have to file a non owner SR22 certificate with the Alabama DMV to regain your driving privileges.

There are a number of reasons for license suspension. Some of the most common causes are:

  • A DUI conviction
  • Driving without insurance
  • Exceeding allowable points on your driving record
  • Court order / legal judgment

What is non owner SR22 insurance?

Cheap non owner SR22 insurance Alabama is a financial responsibility form issued by a insurance provider authorized to sell insurance in Alabama. When you don’t own a vehicle, the SR22 certificate is endorsed to a non owner insurance policy. The status of your policy is monitored closely. Your insurance provider is required to notify the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) if the policy lapses. When the state is notified of a lapse in coverage, your driver’s license is once again suspended. Therefore, it’s imperative to maintain your SR22 policy in good standing for the required time period, which is usually 3 years.

If you purchase a vehicle, you’ll have to change your non owner insurance policy to an owner/owner-operator policy. This does not happen automatically. You must call your agent and request a quote for a particular vehicle. Your policy will be changed if you can afford the increased premium payments.

How much does cheap non owner SR22 insurance Alabama cost?

A common question people ask us is, “how can a company offer an SR22 for $15?” The answer is, they don’t. If you check out companies that advertise incredibly low rates, you’ll discover they usually end up quoting the most expensive policies. Fifteen dollar rates for cheap non owner SR22 insurance Alabama is a misleading advertising gimmick. SR22 is not a piece of paper that can be written and sold for certain amount of money.

How are SR22 insurance costs determined? A number of things are considered, but cheap non owner SR22 insurance Alabama mainly depends on two factors: your age and your driving record (points) within a 3-5 year period.

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