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Minnesota SR22 Insurance

Minnesota SR22 Insurance

Reasons for having to carry Minnesota SR22 insurance are varied, but usually involve violation of motor vehicle laws or legal judgments. When your license is suspended, you’ll be required to file an SR22 certificate with the Minnesota DMV and must keep the policy paid at all times for up to 5 years in order to be allowed to drive during that time. You’ll carry an owner SR22 policy if you own a car, and a non-owner SR22 if you don’t have a vehicle.

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There are several reasons that people can be required to carry Minnesota SR22 insurance, from getting excessive tickets to violation of DUI laws. It is crucial to carry the proper amount of auto liability insurance required by the state of Minnesota. If caught driving without it, your driver’s license can be suspended, and you will be required to obtain Minnesota SR22 insurance to reinstate driving privileges. When SR22 insurance is purchased, your insurance provider files the certificate with Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles on your behalf. Your insurance provider monitors the certificate closely to make certain you remain covered the entire time. If your policy is not maintained in good standing, your insurance provider is required to file an SR26 form with the state, which results in immediate suspension of driving privileges.

Minnesota SR22 Insurance & Non Owner Insurance

There are two types of SR22 insurance Minnesota – owner or non owner, to be carried up to five years. An SR22 owner policy is filed for drivers who own a vehicle. It is a certificate of financial responsibility in the form of a rider or endorsement attached to an individual’s primary insurance policy, allowing the driver to reinstate their license. A non owner SR22 policy is filed for drivers who do not own a vehicle  in order to reinstate a suspended license. A non owner policy is not written on a particular vehicle. Instead, it covers the policyholder while driving a vehicle owned by another driver. A non owner SR22 policy only covers the occasional use of a borrowed vehicle, and will not cover a vehicle driven frequently, household vehicles, rental vehicles or commercial vehicles. SR22 non owner insurance is secondary liability-only insurance. If the policyholder is involved in an at-fault accident, the SR22 non owner policy pays any claims that may remain after the vehicle owner’s insurance has paid up to its policy limits. For more information, see our Minnesota Non Owners Insurance page.

Minnesota State Minimum Liability Insurance Requirement
This is the minimum amount of insurance required, but higher amounts can be purchased.

  • $30,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $60,000 bodily injury liability for all injuries in an accident
  • $10,000 in property damage in one accident

Minnesota DMV

More Information can be found at the Minnesota DMV Website.

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Minnesota Non Owners Insurance

Minnesota Non Owners Insurance

Filing a Minnesota non owners insurance certificate allows you to reinstate your suspended license when you don’t own a vehicle. Depending on the offense, there may be a waiting period before license reinstatement is granted. In the case of DUI offenses, there is usually a 30-day to 180-day waiting period after all fines and fees have been paid for reinstatement to take effect.