Our insurance agents keep you in compliance with FR44 if you’re moving out of state.

What happens to my FR44 if I move out of state?

Wondering how to deal with your FR44 if you move to another state? Our agents can help you take the best approach.

What happens to my FR44 if I move out of state?

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What if you’re moving to another state before you complete your FR44 requirement? You’re probably wondering, “What should I do about my FR44 if I move out of state?” Virginia and Florida are the only states that require an FR44 certificate specifically for people with DUI convictions. You can’t transfer your FR44 certificate outside of Florida or Virginia. You’ll need to keep your FR44 policy current for the required time. If you own a vehicle, you can get a separate, standard insurance policy in your new state.

Our Florida and Virginia clients frequently ask, “Do I have to keep my FR44 if I move out of state?” And it’s a valid question, because Florida and Virginia are the only states that require an FR44 specifically for DUI or DWI license suspensions.

Say you currently live in Florida or Virginia and carry FR44 insurance after a DUI license suspension. But you’re planning to move out of state – to California for example. Can you buy an owner or non-owner policy in California with an FR44 attachment? The answer is no. No insurance company can issue an out of state FR44 filing.

Since California doesn’t have FR44 filings, should you get an owner or non-owner insurance policy with a California SR22 filing? No. California has nothing to do with your Virginia or Florida FR44 requirement, and doesn’t require a financial responsibility form from you.

Should I cancel my FR44 if I move out of state?

No, you should not cancel your FR44 policy or let it lapse. Florida and Virginia usually require people to carry FR44 insurance for at least three years. If your FR44 filing is in place and in good standing, your Florida or Virginia driver’s license is valid. It’s very important to keep it that way. If your FR44 policy lapses or is canceled, it will show up in the National Driver Register (NDR) database, and you won’t be able to get a driver’s license in any other state.

So what should I do?

The best option is to continue maintaining your Florida or Virginia FR44 policy until you fulfill your requirement.

  • If you own a vehicle: You’ll need to buy an auto insurance policy in your new state without any filing, still maintaining your Florida or Virginia FR44 insurance.
  • If you don’t own a vehicle: You can decide whether or not to buy non-owner insurance in your new state. But if you do, you won’t need an SR22 endorsed to it.

We recommend contacting the Florida HSMV or Virginia DMV, as well as the DMV of the state where you’re moving. Explain the situation and ask, “how can I stay in compliance with my FR44 if I move out of state?”

Feel free to talk with a friendly UltraCar Insurance agent for a free consultation. We’ll be glad to help you navigate this situation until you complete your Florida or Virginia FR44 obligation.


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