SR22 Insurance Quotes Without Vehicle

SR22 insurance quotes without vehicle

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SR22 insurance quotes without vehicle

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When you need SR22 insurance quotes without vehicle, it means you need a non-owner insurance policy with an SR22 rider. The most common reason people require non owner SR22 insurance is to reinstate their driving privileges after a license suspension. An SR22 certificate allows you to drive a non-owned vehicle on a limited basis while your license is suspended, and to be covered for liability when doing so.

Are you looking for SR22 insurance, but don’t own a car? UltraCar Insurance can provide you with quick SR22 insurance quotes without vehicle. This type of insurance is called SR22 non owner insurance. Individuals who do not own a vehicle and whose driver’s license has been suspended will need to carry non owner insurance as a condition for license reinstatement.

It might seem strange to carry “auto insurance” when you don’t own a car, but if you have a driver’s license and have had an uninsured accident or DWI/DUI while driving someone else’s vehicle, you’ll be required to carry non owner SR22 insurance to reinstate your driving privileges. You are probably looking for SR22 insurance quotes without vehicle because the state has required you to prove that you are financially responsible if you’re at fault in a future accident, or if a court order requires you to file a non owner SR22 certificate for some other reason.

After you receive SR22 insurance quotes without vehicle and accept one, your insurance provider files the certificate with the state to satisfy your financial responsibility requirement. No car SR22 certificates are required in most states after a certain type or number of motor vehicle offenses have been committed (alcohol or non alcohol related). The filing of this certificate by a licensed insurance broker makes it possible for you to be able to drive a non owned vehicle during a probationary period assigned by the state.

SR22 non owner insurance will not cover vehicles registered to you that you own, household vehicles owned or driven by other family members, or vehicles owned by others that you may use regularly or frequently. It will not cover you when driving commercial vehicles, rental vehicles or any type of employment-related vehicles. SR22 non owners insurance is a limited liability policy that covers you when driving another person’s vehicle. But any vehicle you drive MUST be insured by the owner in order for your SR22 insurance to apply in the event of an accident. That’s because non owner car insurance is secondary to the insurance an individual carries on their vehicle. Non owner insurance only comes into effect if the coverage limits on the vehicle you are driving are exceeded.

Call or start your online quote today for quick SR22 insurance quotes without vehicle. Our agents are licensed in each state in which we operate, and can answer all your questions about SR22 non owner car insurance.


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