Cheap Affordable SR22 Insurance

Cheap Affordable SR22 Insurance

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Cheap Affordable SR22 Insurance

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If you need to purchase SR22 insurance, you definitely want to find a cheap affordable SR22 insurance rate. There are several things you can do that help bring down the cost of SR22 insurance before you need it. SR22 insurance certificates are available to vehicle owners and to people who don’t own a vehicle (non-owner SR22). Non owner policies are cheaper than SR22 owner insurance.

When you have to obtain high risk auto insurance for license reinstatement, you might wonder how to get cheap affordable SR22 insurance? Having some driving experience, practicing defensive driving and having a good driving record prior to requiring an SR22 filing are good ways to reduce your SR22 insurance premiums. If you’re usually this type of driver, UltraCar Insurance can help you get low SR22 insurance rates.

Tips to help you get cheap affordable SR22 insurance, before you even need it:

  • Taking advantage of an insurance discount by having continuous coverage without any lapse for a period of 1-5 years, whether you own a vehicle or not.
  • Keeping a clean driving record. Any traffic moving violation tickets within a 3-5 year period can impact your rate.
  • Owning a home or a condo.
  • If you don’t own a vehicle, obtaining non owners insurance (with or without an SR22 filing) will provide additional protection to you in case of an accident while driving another person’s vehicle. Additionally, being insured before you own a car indicates financial responsibility, and can save you money on auto insurance if you do buy a car.

You may have wondered if certain safety devices on a newer vehicle will help you get cheap affordable SR22 insurance. It seems logical that the price of standard auto or SR22 insurance would decrease with the addition of new safety features, but the answer to this question is yes – and no.

New innovations in auto safety technology, such as rear view cameras, airbags, anti-theft devices and blind spot detection systems make newer model cars much safer, reducing the chance of having an accident. Some new safety devices can be used on any type of car, including older models, which can benefit younger drivers who usually drive older vehicles. Insurance companies usually provide discounted rates on vehicles that have safety equipment installed. On the other hand, the cost to repair cost and replace these parts increases. In particular, generic replacement parts that are usually cheaper won’t be available for many years to come. So if an accident happens before generic parts are available, that increases the cost of repairs.

It takes several years before before new motor vehicle technologies transfer to less expensive, mid rage vehicles. When that happens it results in safer vehicles throughout the economic spectrum, and the cost of all types of auto insurance will become cheaper overall.

More about cheap affordable SR22 insurance

Additional information on affordable owner and non owner SR22 insurance can be found in these articles:

A number of standard auto insurance companies don’t offer SR22 insurance, and even if they do an additional fee for the filing is added to your monthly premium. UltraCar Insurance specializes in providing cheap affordable SR22 insurance rates, without additional premium fees. You can get SR22 insurance if you own a vehicle or if not. Those of you who don’t own a car but need an SR22 certificate of financial responsibility filing for license reinstatement can purchase cheap non owner SR22 insurance to regain your driving privileges. Give us a call today to discuss your SR22 insurance needs.

Texting and Driving

The use of cell phones while driving has resulted in an increase in distracted driving accidents nationwide. Cell phones have become an indispensable part of our lives, but studies have shown that any use of a cell phone to read, write or send messages while operating a motor vehicle is more dangerous than driving under the influence (DUI). (more…)

UltraCar Insurance agents are licensed in 34 states, and are ready to help if you have no car but need SR22 insurance (non owner SR22 insurance). You may have had a few issues in the past, such as driving without insurance, unpaid tickets, a DUI/DWI offense, an accident, driving after suspension, etc., and have lost your driving privileges. (more…)

What’s the difference between non owner SR22 vs SR22 insurance? SR22 non owner insurance is for non vehicle owners, while SR22 insurance is for individuals who own a car. Whether you need owner or non owner SR22 insurance, the main reason for purchasing it is for license reinstatement after a drivers license suspension. When your driving record accumulates more “points” (traffic violations) than the state allows, or if you’ve committed a DUI or DWI offense, you will have your license suspended and will be required to carry SR22 insurance to continue driving. (more…)

The links to the state DMV offices listed below are a starting point to find information about reinstating your suspended driver’s license. UltraCar Insurance is licensed in each of these states to sell SR22 insurance, as well as Florida FR44 and Virginia FR44 insurance. After clicking the link for your state, follow internal links or enter a search on the site for information about your state’s motor vehicle laws, regulations, resources and license suspension and reinstatement procedures.

The function of most state DMV offices is to record personal and commercial vehicle registration and titles and to issue driver permits, licenses and license plate renewals. Not every state uses the term “Department of Motor Vehicles” or the acronym “DMV”, but this is the term most often recognized for motor vehicle registration and driver licensing.

If you have trouble finding information you need at these state DMV offices links, UltraCar Insurance agents will be glad to assist you. We can answer your questions about SR22 insurance and FR44 insurance in any of these states. We provide SR22 and FR44 insurance quotes at low rates, and quick filing of your financial responsibility form. Call us today, or click to start a quote now.

Alabama DOR

Arizona DOT

Arkansas DFA

California DMV

Colorado DMV

Florida DHSMV

Georgia DMV

Idaho DMV

Illinois DMV

Indiana BMV

Iowa DOT

Kansas DOV

Louisiana OMV

Maine BMV

Michigan DMV

Minnesota DMV

Missouri DMV

Mississippi DMV

Nebraska DMV

Nevada DMV

North Carolina DMV

North Dakota DMV

Ohio BMV

Oregon DMV

Rhode Island DMV

South Carolina DMV

Tennessee DMV

Texas DMV

Utah DPS

Vermont DMV

Virginia DMV

Washington DOL

Wisconsin DMV

Wyoming DOT


The states we offer SR22 insurance are listed below, and we file FR44 insurance certificates for DUI offenses in Florida and Virginia. You will need to file an SR22 insurance certificate to reinstate your driver’s license. We’ll find you the cheapest SR22 or FR44 insurance rate for your needs. If you don’t own a vehicle, we write non owner SR22 and FR44 insurance policies in these states (non owner FR44 in Florida and Virginia only).

Non Owner SR22 vs SR22 Insurance
What’s the difference between SR22 and FR44 insurance?

Give us a call if you have any questions about SR22 or FR44 high risk insurance in the states we offer SR22. Our licensed agents are ready to provide competitive quotes and quick filing of your certificate.

How to apply for SR22 / FR44 or SR50 insurance, motorcycle insurance, commercial auto insurance or general liability insurance is easy! Just click on the START YOUR QUOTE button above, complete a small amount of information and select the insurance you need. (more…)

SR22 insurance costs are higher than those of standard auto insurance, because SR22 insurance is high risk insurance. People who have a record of motor vehicle violations will have higher SR22 insurance costs because they’re considered at higher risk for future violations. These violations can include driving while uninsured, having a high number of moving violations or accidents, or having a conviction for DUI or DWI. (more…)

Finding non owner SR22 insurance companies to fulfill your non owner SR22 insurance requirement can be a frustrating task. UltraCar Insurance is a reliable provider of SR22 insurance with agents properly licensed in each state. We make it easy to file your SR22 non owner insurance certificate. (more…)

Are you looking for SR22 insurance, but don’t own a car? UltraCar Insurance can provide you with quick SR22 insurance quotes without vehicle. This type of insurance is called SR22 non owner insurance. Individuals who do not own a vehicle and whose driver’s license has been suspended will need to carry non owner insurance as a condition for license reinstatement. (more…)


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