SR22 insurance without a license

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SR22 insurance without a license

SR22 insurance without a license

SR22 insurance without a license is for people who get a ticket for driving without a license. It’s also for people who’ve never had a license and were caught driving without one. When you don’t have a valid valid driver’s license, the DMV records any traffic violations you commit to a specific ID number. The information on this record then transfers to your driver’s license if you get one in the future.

Can you get SR22 insurance without a valid license? Yes. You can file an SR22 form with the state DMV if you have a suspended license or no license.

How do you get SR22 without a license?

If you have no driver’s license, the DMV assigns an ID number to any motor vehicle violations you commit. The information from this ID number will transfer to a valid driver’s license. The violation(s) remain on your record for 3-5 years. Using a DMV-issued ID or temporarily assigned number, we can verify your information by running a motor vehicle report (MVR). Sometimes we can’t verify data through an MVR due to an incorrect ID number, case number, last name, or birth date. If we try to file your certificate with inaccurate information, you cannot get SR22 without a license.

Finding a company to get SR22 insurance without a license can sometimes be challenging. Not all insurance companies can endorse (attach) an SR22 certificate to a policy when you don’t have a valid license. Many standard/preferred insurance companies will not take on this risk. If they do, you’ll probably pay a substantial premium. You can get a better outcome with assistance from a high-risk insurance provider like UltraCar Insurance.

What if I have a driver’s license but not a car?

If you don’t own a vehicle, you can get non-owner insurance coverage, which endorses an SR22 certificate to a non-owner insurance policy. The DMV can also assign a designated number or a case number to which the SR22 is attached.

Rates for SR22 insurance without a license

When determining your rate, insurance companies consider the conviction date, not the date of the violation. For example:

  • What if your offense occurred three years ago, but your conviction was this year? In that case, the insurance company bases your rate as if you got the ticket this year. Then the violation stays on your record for the next three years. Your rate will change once the infraction drops off, but only at renewal. In other words, your six or twelve-month rate won’t change during the policy period.
  • If someone not yet eligible for a driver’s license gets caught driving, what happens? They’ll lose their driving privileges for a long time, right from the start. When they get SR22 without a license, the ticket impacts their rate, remains on their record, and transfers to their driver’s license once they get one.

Other requirements for getting SR22 insurance

To get a valid driver’s license or reinstate your suspended license, you’ll have to complete specific requirements. Before getting SR22 insurance, you may have to:

  • Enroll in a state-run driver safety program
  • Pay a reinstatement fee
  • Participate in community service

Every situation is usually unique in some way.

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