State DMV Offices List

State DMV offices are a useful resource when you want to reinstate your license. Click to start your SR22 or FR44 quote.

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State DMV Offices List

Your state's DMV website is a good resource for reinstating your driving privileges.

Visit your state DMV website to learn about their license suspension and reinstatement procedures. Our list of offices includes links to the 34 states where we sell high-risk auto insurance. When you need SR22 or FR44 insurance, getting accurate information is essential. In many cases, you can also find information about your state driving record, the state’s motor vehicle laws, regulations, and other resources.

Are you wondering where to turn to start the process of reinstatement of your driver’s license? Our alphabetical list of links to state DMV offices is a starting point. Once you’re on your state’s DMV website, follow internal links or enter a search for the information you want. These sites usually provide information about:

  • Motor vehicle laws & regulations
  • License suspension & reinstatement procedures
  • State motor vehicle forms
  • How to obtain information about your DMV record

What do state DMV offices do?

Most motor vehicle offices record vehicle registration and titles and issue driver permits, licenses, and license plate renewals. Some DMVs perform other functions and services or use names and acronyms other than “Department of Motor Vehicles / DMV.” However, DMV is the most recognized term for finding motor vehicles and licensing information.

Most state motor vehicle websites contain helpful information about license suspension and reinstatement procedures. The knowledgeable agents of UltraCar Insurance are also an excellent resource for answering your questions. We’re licensed to provide SR22 insurance in 34 states and offer Florida FR44, Virginia FR44, and motorcycle insurance. You can get an owner certificate if you own a vehicle or a non-owner certificate if you don’t. Call us today or start an online SR22 or FR44 insurance quote. We’ll quickly file your financial responsibility form, and you’ll be on your way to reinstating your license!

Department of Motor Vehicles Offices

Below are links to the 34 state DMV offices where we sell high-risk auto insurance.

Alabama ALEA & DOR

Arizona DOT

Arkansas DFA

California DMV

Colorado DOR

Florida HSMV

Georgia DMV

Idaho DMV

Illinois DMV

Indiana BMV

Iowa DOT

Kansas DOV

Louisiana OMV

Massachusetts RMV

Maine BMV

Michigan DMV

Minnesota DMV

Missouri DMV

Mississippi DMV

Nebraska DMV

Nevada DMV

North Carolina DMV

North Dakota DMV

Ohio BMV

Oregon DMV

Rhode Island DMV

South Carolina DMV

Tennessee DMV

Texas DPS

Utah DPS

Vermont DMV

Virginia DMV

Washington DOL

Wisconsin DMV

Wyoming DOT 

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