What is broad form SR22 insurance?

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What is broad form SR22 insurance?

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In several states you can get a very inexpensive form of SR22 insurance called broad form SR22 insurance. Broad form SR22 insurance is a means to have your license reinstated. It can be purchased  if you don’t own a vehicle, or if you own one or more vehicles. Although it is very low cost, it comes with strict limitations of coverage that need to be explained to you and fully understood.

Broad form SR22 insurance is a low-cost non-owner auto liability insurance option for license reinstatement in some states. In most cases, people file a non owner SR22 insurance if they don’t own a vehicle, and SR22 insurance if they own a car. However, this type of policy is also an option if you own one or more vehicles.

Broad form SR22 insurance is generally more expensive than non owner SR22 insurance, but less expensive than standard auto insurance. This type of insurance has a very limited scope of coverage. As such, it is not suggested for inexperienced teen drivers, and is not adequate coverage for expensive or brand new vehicles. It is more suited for older cars or cars that have been paid off and don’t require full coverage insurance.

Broad form coverage facts:

  • You can purchase broad form insurance whether you own a vehicle or not.
  • Broad form insurance is liability-only coverage; it does not include comprehensive or collision coverage.
  • Broad form insurance covers ONLY the policyholder/driver when driving any vehicles you own, regardless of year, make or model.
  • There is no coverage whatsoever if someone other than you drives your vehicle. If someone borrows your car and causes an accident, you will be legally and financially responsible.
  • Coverage does not apply to any damage to your vehicle in an at-fault accident.
  • If you purchase a vehicle, it automatically covers you, the policyholder, without having to call your insurance agent to add the vehicle to your policy.

You can add an SR22 filing to a broad form vehicle insurance policy as a rider, allowing reinstatement of your driver’s license. It serves as a monitoring device, the same as a non-owner SR22 policy does. You must maintain this insurance for three years in most instances. Your state department of motor vehicles or the court determines the actual length of time. A broad form SR22 insurance policy covers only you, the policyholder, when driving a covered vehicle. It does not provide protection of any kind if another person drives your car.

Reasons people require broad form SR22 insurance

  • DUI or DWI offense
  • Refusal to submit a DUI breath test
  • Reckless driving
  • Uninsured accidents
  • Excessive points against your driving record
  • Child support or neglect cases
  • Legal judgments

There are only a few states that have broad form insurance, with or without an SR22 endorsement. Not many insurance companies offer it, but UltraCar Insurance writes these policies in:

To find out if broad form insurance is right for you, call to consult with an UltraCar Insurance agent. For affordable broad form SR22 insurance quotes, submit a request now or give us a call today. We maximize your savings by comparing the rates of top insurance companies.

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