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SR22 Insurance Ohio

SR22 Insurance Ohio

SR22 insurance Ohio is type of liability insurance for high risk drivers whose license has been suspended. Drivers must purchase this insurance for license reinstatement and maintain it for several years during their suspension period. It can be bought by vehicle owners or by those who don’t own a vehicle, but the features and benefits of owner and non-owner SR22 insurance are different.

One of the conditions of Ohio license reinstatement include buying an SR22 insurance Ohio policy, which is a type of high risk insurance. Once you’re required to have this type of insurance, it usually has to be carried for about three years.

What’s the purpose of Ohio SR22 insurance?

An SR22 is a financial responsibility form that’s filed with the Ohio BMV by an insurance provider licensed in your state. It’s considered to be a guarantee of future financial responsibility; therefore, your certificate is closely monitored. If the policy attached to it is canceled or allowed to lapse during the time you’re required to have it, it’s reported to the Ohio BMV. Your license will be suspended again, resulting in additional financial penalties to start the reinstatement process over again.

Ohio SR22 without a car

Can you buy SR22 insurance without a vehicle? Yes. There are two types of Ohio SR22 insurance: owner and non-owner. Owner insurance is for drivers who own a vehicle, and it can be purchased with liability-only or full coverage. Non owner insurance is for drivers who don’t own a vehicle. In this case, the SR22 insurance Ohio certificate is tied to a non-owner policy. It’s written to cover one person who drives a borrowed vehicle on an occasional basis. See Non Owner Insurance Coverage for more information about non-driver policies.

Ohio residents have another SR22 option called Broad Form Vehicle Insurance. It can be bought by those who own one or more vehicles, and those who own no vehicle. You need to be aware of the strict limitations of this type of insurance.

Why do people have to carry SR22 insurance?

  • DUI offense
  • Excessive points against your driving record
  • Reckless driving
  • Refusal to consent to a DUI test
  • Uninsured accidents
  • Driving an uninsured vehicle
  • Child support issues
  • Legal judgments

Additional information about Ohio license suspensions and reinstatement is available on the Ohio BMV website.

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