Can you buy SR22 insurance without a vehicle

Can you buy SR22 insurance without a vehicle?

Yes, you can buy SR22 insurance without a vehicle! It's known as non owners SR22. Start a quote now or call today.

Can you buy SR22 insurance without a vehicle?

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When you need to buy SR22 insurance without a vehicle, you’ll purchase non owner insurance with an SR22 attachment. Your insurance provider will file this certificate with the state DMV. This allows you to reinstate your driver’s license. Non owner SR22 insurance must be kept in force without lapse during your license suspension.

If you currently have an SR22 filing and decide to sell your car, you might wonder if you can buy SR22 insurance without a vehicle. In a case like this, you need to contact your insurance provider so you can stay in compliance with your SR22 insurance requirement. When you notify your insurance provider about selling your vehicle, they might be able to transfer you to a non owner SR22 certificate if they offer it. Otherwise, you can contact UltraCar Insurance to purchase a cheap non owner SR22 insurance filing.

Whether you own a car or not, if your state requires you to buy SR22 insurance without a vehicle after a license suspension, you must keep the insurance for the duration of the requirement in order to legally drive a vehicle. Do not assume that you no longer need to carry SR22 insurance because you no longer own a vehicle. When you sell your car and are still required to carry SR22 insurance, if you let your premium payments lapse, your driver’s license will be suspended again. What you should do is purchase a non owner SR22 insurance policy, and cancel the SR22 attached to your auto policy. This can be done at the same time by your insurance provider. The good news is that you’ll be able to save money on your SR22 insurance premiums.

When you buy SR22 insurance without a vehicle, your non owner policy is secondary insurance that covers you when driving a non owned vehicle, in case of an accident. The primary insurance carried on a vehicle by the owner pays claims first, and your non owner SR22 policy covers remaining claims that may exist that exceed the primary insurance on the vehicle. When the state requires it, SR22 non owner insurance is a monitoring device that needs to be maintained for a period of 3 years in most cases, regardless whether you own a vehicle or not.

Non owners SR22 insurance is cheaper than owner SR22 insurance, since there is not a vehicle to insure. Another reason for the lower premiums is that there are limitations to non owner insurance coverage.

The answer to the question, can you buy SR22 insurance without a vehicle, is yes. Whether you previously owned a car or never owned a car, if you need to carry non owner SR22 insurance let UltraCar Insurance help you with competitive non owner SR22 insurance quotes and quick filing of your certificate.


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