What is SR22 out-of-state insurance?

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What is SR22 out-of-state insurance?

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SR22 out-of-state insurance is a means for someone to complete an SR22 requirement in one state if they move to another state. You can also use out-of-state insurance to file an SR22 certificate in a state other than where you reside. SR22 out-of-state insurance is also called a cross-state or secondary SR22 filing.

There are certain situations when you may need to get SR22 out-of-state insurance. Most states have an SR22 insurance program, which allows people to reinstate their suspended driver’s license. Out-of-state SR22 insurance is also known as a secondary SR22 filing or cross-state SR22 insurance. This type of insurance guarantees that you stay in compliance with an active SR22 obligation you have in another state.

The DMV in every state honors the SR22 requirements of others. Therefore, even if your new state doesn’t have an SR22 program, you’ll have to complete your current requirement to get a new driver’s license, plates, and insurance there.

Does SR22 insurance transfer from one state to another?

SR22 insurance does not directly transfer between states. You will need to get a new auto or non-owner insurance policy in the state you move to and file an SR22 out-of-state insurance certificate in the state that requires it.

People move to different states for a variety of reasons. When they do, they’ll want to get a driver’s license and buy a new insurance policy if they’re going to drive in their new state legally.

Since you can’t transfer an SR22 filing between states, the most important thing for people with an active SR22 is to remember not to cancel the insurance policy that’s tied to it.

If you have FR44 insurance in Florida or Virginia and move to another state, see What happens to my FR44 if I move out of state?

Can I have separate auto insurance policies in two different states?

If you need a cross-state SR22, you have to purchase the auto or non-owner insurance policy where you physically reside. You cannot buy two different insurance policies in two separate states.

What situations require an SR22 out-of-state insurance filing?

  • Most people who carry SR22 insurance live in the state that requires it. But what if you have SR22 and move to another state before your active SR22 requirement expires? In that case, you get an insurance policy in the new state and file a cross-state certificate in the original state.
  • What happens if you have a motor vehicle violation outside your state (such as DUI) that requires SR22 insurance? In this case, an insurance agent can add an SR22 out of state insurance certificate to your current insurance policy and file it in the state where the violation occurred.
  • Someone with an SR22 requirement sometimes moves to another state, selling their vehicle thinking they’ll no longer need SR22 insurance. But this causes them an unnecessary problem. If their SR22 requirement is not yet complete, the DMV will suspend their driver’s license. And with a canceled SR22 policy and a suspended license, they won’t be able to get a license in their new state. If they sell their car, they will need to get a non-owner insurance policy in their new state and file a cross-state certificate in their previous state. (See Cross-State SR22 without a car.)

How much insurance coverage do I need?

Each state has different minimum liability coverage requirements, and the price between states can vary substantially.

As with any policy, insurance carriers base the cost of SR22 out-of-state insurance on each person’s age, gender, geographical area, marital status, and driving record – among other criteria.

UltraCar Insurance will be glad to provide the information you need so you can plan for your new SR22 policy and cross-state filing.

How do I remove an SR22 from my insurance policy?

Usually, people need to maintain SR22 insurance for three years. Some states will notify you when you’ve fulfilled your SR22 requirement. Otherwise, you can contact your Department of Revenue to find out the completion date of your SR22 requirement. Just be sure not to cancel your SR22 policy too early to avoid suspension of your license.

Suppose you had the SR22 certificate endorsed to your auto policy. In that case, your insurance premiums will probably be lower when the state removes the filing. And if you were carrying non-owner insurance, you won’t have any further insurance premiums unless you choose to continue it. To remove the SR22 endorsement from your insurance policy, contact your insurance provider to cancel the filing.

Count on UltraCar Insurance for your cross-state insurance filing

When you have an active SR22 insurance commitment, don’t risk a license suspension when moving from one state to another. UltraCar Insurance is licensed in 34 states to help you with all your SR22 insurance requirements. We perform cross-state certificate filings attached to an auto policy or non-owner insurance policy if you don’t own a vehicle.

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