SR22 Move To Another State

SR22 move to another state

What happens if you carry SR22 insurance and move to another state? Speak with an agent for more information.

SR22 move to another state

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If you move out of state while you have an active SR22 certificate on file, you may wonder if you can drop your SR22 insurance. The answer is no. If you have SR22 move to another state, you must continue paying your premiums without lapse after you move. If your policy lapses before your SR22 requirement is completed, your license will be suspended and you’ll have problems obtaining a license or car insurance in your new state.

You must keep your SR22 insurance in force while you carry SR22 move to another state. When you are required by a state to file an SR22 insurance certificate, you must maintain it for the duration of time that state requires it. It is very important that you make arrangements with your insurance provider to continue paying your insurance premiums after you move. 

If you let your SR22 FR44 insurance or non owner SR22 FR44 insurance policy lapse at any time during your probationary period, your insurance provider will file an SR26 form notifying the Department of Motor Vehicles that you are no longer covered, and your new state of residence will immediately suspend your license. In addition, the fact that your SR22 insurance lapsed is communicated to all other states. This will prevent you from being able to register your vehicle, or obtain a driver’s license or auto insurance in your new state of residence until you have fulfilled your SR22 move to another state obligation. Depending on the circumstances of your SR22 requirement, additional penalties for letting your SR22 insurance lapse may include having to continue carrying SR22 insurance for an extended period, additional fines, or even jail time.

Be sure to notify your insurance provider and the state DMV requiring the SR22 before you move to another state. The insurance company you use must be licensed in both states and submit an out-of-state filing for the original state. The insurance policy you purchase in your new state should contain the same minimum liability coverage limits as those required by the state requiring the SR22 certificate. Even if the minimum liability insurance requirements in your new state of residence are lower than in the state requiring the SR22, you must continue maintaining higher liability requirements of the state requiring the SR22.

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