When you have SR22 and move to another state

What happens if you have SR22 insurance and move to another state? Let one of our agents help you through the process.

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When you have SR22 and move to another state

When you have SR22 and move to another state

If you have an active SR22 and move to another state, can you drop your SR22 insurance? The answer is no. If you stop making payments on your SR22 earlier than required, the state will suspend your license. You’ll then have a problem obtaining a driver’s license or car insurance in your new state. You have to continue paying your SR22 insurance premiums for the duration of your requirement. And there is a process to make sure you stay in compliance.

When you have an SR22 and move to another state, you might think, great – I finally won’t have that additional expense! However, it doesn’t work that way. If your SR22 requirement has not yet expired when you move, it’s essential to keep paying your insurance premiums. If your SR22 policy lapses, you’ll encounter problems in your new state of residence.

Why do I have to keep SR22 insurance if I move to another state?

If your SR22 insurance policy lapses, the company that issued your policy will file an SR26 form with the DMV. The state will suspend your license and will also notify every other state. When you move, your new state of residence will not issue a new driver’s license or let you register your vehicle. And you won’t be able to obtain auto insurance in your new state until you complete your SR22 obligation.

Depending on the circumstances of your SR22 requirement, there may be additional penalties for letting your SR22 policy lapse. You may have to continue carrying SR22 insurance for an extended period, pay additional fines, or even be assigned jail time.

How to stay in compliance with your SR22 requirement

Contact your insurance provider beforehand if you have an active SR22 filing and move to another state. To avoid vehicle registration, licensing, and insurance problems in your new state, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Keep your original SR22 filing current.
  2. When you move, find an insurance provider and get a standard insurance policy in your new state.
  3. The insurance provider in your new state needs to be able to perform a cross-state SR22 filing in your previous state.
  4. Your original SR22 filing and the cross-state SR22 filing need to overlap for 4-5 days before canceling the original SR22.
  5. Your agent needs to be licensed in your original state and your new state.

UltraCar Insurance provides SR22 filings in 34 states. We can make the transition process easy when you have an SR22 and move to another state. Talk with one of our licensed agents today!

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