What’s the difference between SR22 and FR44 insurance?

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What’s the difference between SR22 and FR44 insurance?

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In Florida or Virginia, you’ll need to know the difference between SR22 and FR44 insurance to reinstate your license. These are the only two states that have separate high risk insurance categories for license reinstatement. You’ll file an SR22 certificate for non-alcohol or drug related motor vehicle violations; or an FR44 certificate for alcohol or other substance-related DUI violations.

Florida and Virginia residents who want to reinstate their license often ask, “what’s the difference between SR22 FR44 insurance?” These are the only states with two types of license reinstatement certificate. In Florida and Virginia, the SR22 insurance certificate is filed for non-alcohol related motor vehicle violations. The FR44 insurance certificate is filed for DUI or DWI violations.

When you’re eligible for a restricted license, you’ll need to contact your insurance provider to buy an SR22 or FR44 certificate. The certificate is attached to your auto insurance policy if you own a vehicle. If you don’t own a vehicle, the certificate is endorsed to a non-owner SR22 or FR44 insurance policy. If your insurance company doesn’t offer high risk insurance, UltraCar Insurance will be glad to help you with your Florida or Virginia filing.

Why is there a difference between SR22 FR44 insurance?

All states have penalties with increasing severity for:

  • Driving without a license
  • Uninsured driving
  • Excessive points
  • At-fault accidents
  • DUI/DWI violations

License reinstatement requires an SR22 certificate to be filed in all states. But Florida and Virginia have a separate certificate, FR44, specifically for license reinstatement after DUI and DWI convictions.

There is much greater potential for catastrophic and deadly consequences resulting from drunk driving or impaired driving. Unfortunately, people with DUI/DWI violations are more likely to repeat the behavior. The higher coverage requirements for DUI insurance provides more resources to injured parties if the driver causes another DUI accident. And higher premiums for FR44 insurance are intended to deter future drunk driving.

Florida and Virginia insurance coverage requirements

Another difference between SR22 FR44 insurance is the minimum liability coverage requirement. As you can see below, the amount of insurance coverage you’ll have to carry after a DUI conviction is considerably higher. Coverage requirements for SR22 insurance are somewhat higher than for standard insurance. FR44 coverage requirements are significantly higher, and premiums are usually double the cost.

SR22 FR44 Florida: Standard and SR22 insurance minimum liability requirements are 10/20/10. Minimum liability requirements for FR44 insurance are 100/300/50.

SR22 FR44 Virginia: Minimum liability insurance requirements are 25/50/20 for standard and SR22 insurance. Minimum liability coverage for FR44 insurance is 50/100/40.

Florida DHSMV / Virginia DMV

Information concerning the difference between SR22 FR44 insurance in Florida and Virginia is available on the state DMV websites:

These articles also concern insurance certificates in Florida and Virginia:

UltraCar Insurance specializes in filing Florida and Virginia high risk insurance certificates. Our licensed agents can answer your questions about the difference between SR22 FR44 insurance. We’ll find you the lowest rate possible and quickly file your certificate with the state DMV. Start a quote now or call us today!


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