Florida DUI Penalties

Florida DUI Penalties

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Florida DUI Penalties

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Florida DUI penalties are quite severe. Driving while intoxicated or driving while impaired are the most dangerous offenses a driver can commit. The seriousness of the penalties for this behavior are meant to deter it in the future. Most often, license suspension at a minimum will result, requiring Florida FR44 insurance for reinstatement.

In order to deter people from driving drunk or impaired, Florida DUI penalties that are imposed on drivers with a first DUI conviction may include any of the following:

  • Automatic 6-month driver’s license suspension
  • Hefty fines ranging between $250-$500 or higher
  • Florida DUI driver improvement courses
  • Assignment to community service
  • Imprisonment up to 6 months (or up to 9 months if there was a minor in the vehicle)
  • Probation and/or license revocation

Drunk driving or driving under the influence of other substances that affect perception and coordination are the most serious of motor vehicle offenses. Therefore, Florida DUI penalties for any subsequent DUI convictions become increasingly harsh. Penalties are levied based on the severity of the particular DUI violation and whether or not any personal injuries, deaths or property damage resulted from the drunk driving or impaired driving offense. Both administrative (financial) and criminal penalties for drunk driving can be imposed for DUI/DWI offenses.

When you become eligible for Florida license reinstatement, you will need to file a Florida FR44 insurance certificate with the Florida DHSMV. UltraCar Insurance can issue and file a Florida non owner FR44 certificate on your behalf if you do not own a vehicle. (See our Florida Non Owner FR44 page for more on non owner DUI insurance.) If you own a vehicle, you will need to purchase a Florida FR44 owner-operator policy, which carries a significantly higher premium. A word of caution if you own a vehicle – beware of insurance providers that try to sell you a non owner FR44 policy, knowing that you own a vehicle. If you run into that situation, it would be wise to investigate other options.

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When you want to regain your driving privileges after experiencing Florida DUI penalties, count on UltraCar Insurance to provide you with accurate advice. Our agents are licensed in the state of Florida, and are fully knowledgeable of Florida auto insurance and motor vehicle laws. Call today to speak with one of our agents, or to obtain competitive Florida FR44 insurance quotes.


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