Florida DUI Penalties

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Florida DUI Penalties

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Florida DUI penalties are strict because impaired driving has such a high potential to cause severe injury and death. One reason for harsh DUI/DWI penalties is to deter this behavior in the future. At a minimum, one result of a DUI conviction is license suspension, which will require buying Florida FR44 insurance for reinstatement.

One reason Florida DUI penalties are harsh is to discourage dangerous driving behavior. Drunk and impaired driving not only endangers the driver, but has great potential to harm other innocent people.

Florida DUI penalties

Depending on the circumstances of the offense, penalties include:

  • Automatic 6-month driver’s license suspension
  • Fines ranging between $250-$500 or higher
  • Florida DUI driver improvement courses
  • Assignment to community service
  • Imprisonment up to 6 months (or up to 9 months if there was a minor in the vehicle)
  • Probation
  • License revocation
  • Florida Zero Tolerance Law
  • Florida Ignition Interlock

Repeat DUI convictions

Alcohol and drugs negatively affect perception and coordination. Driving under the influence of these substances creates a dangerous situation for others sharing the road. Unfortunately, some drivers tend to repeat the offense. For that reason, Florida DUI penalties for subsequent convictions are increasingly severe. The severity of penalties for repeat violations depends on the circumstances, and if there were injuries, deaths, or property damage. The state can impose both administrative (financial), and criminal penalties for repeat DUI/DWI offenses.

License reinstatement after a DUI conviction

You’ll have to file a Florida FR44 insurance certificate with Florida HSMV when you’re eligible for license reinstatement. If you don’t own a vehicle, UltraCar Insurance will file a Florida non-owner FR44 certificate for you. If you own a car, you’ll buy a Florida FR44 owner-operator policy, which carries a significantly higher premium. A word of caution if you own a vehicle. Beware of insurance providers that try to sell you a non-owner FR44 policy, knowing that you own a vehicle. If you run into that situation, we suggest you investigate other options.

More about Florida DUI penalties

On the Florida HSMV website:

UltraCar Insurance specializes in license reinstatement resulting from Florida DUI penalties. We’ll help make the process as easy as possible for you. Did you know that you can get FR44 insurance on your motorcycle? Call for a no-obligation consultation with a licensed agent, or click the button to start a Florida FR44 insurance quote!

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