Florida Ignition Interlock

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Florida Ignition Interlock

Florida Ignition Interlock

One of the penalties of a Florida DUI conviction is having to install a Florida ignition interlock device on your car. There are initial and ongoing expenses involved with the device. Using the equipment is quite restrictive, inconvenient, and time-consuming. To make sure you comply with the required driving restrictions, Florida HSMV collects data from your interlock device.

After certain DUI violations, the state may require you to install a Florida ignition interlock device in your vehicle for at least one year. There are a number of personal and financial costs that follow a DUI/DWI conviction. So it’s always worth arranging for a designated driver if you’re impaired to drive in any way.

When is a Florida ignition interlock device required?

After a second DUI offense, you’ll have to install a Florida ignition interlock device in your vehicle. The state usually reserves this penalty for repeat or very serious DUI offenses. However, a judge can order it even after a first offense, if the circumstances warrant.

Costs and restrictions of an ignition interlock device

Penalties for a Florida DUI offense include fines, fees, and jail time. To reinstate your license after a DUI offense, you’ll pay higher FR44 Florida insurance premiums for several years. If the state also requires you have an ignition interlock device, those costs include:

  • Initial installation fee
  • Fuel cost and travel time to the installation facility
  • Monthly equipment calibration fee (a 45-minute procedure, by appointment only)

Using a Florida ignition interlock device with every trip in the car is quite restrictive:

  • First, you breathe into the device to start the ignition.
  • Five minutes later, you breathe into the device again.
  • Every thirty minutes after that, you must breathe into the device again.
  • Florida HSMV receives data from each of these readings.

For more information, see Ignition Interlock Device Frequently Asked Questions on the Florida HSMV website.

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