Florida Ignition Interlock

Florida Ignition Interlock

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Florida Ignition Interlock

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Having to install a Florida ignition interlock device on your car is one of the many financial drawbacks resulting from a DUI conviction. Complying with an interlock ignition requirement is inconvenient and time-consuming as well. The data from each reading the device collects is transmitted to the Florida DHSMV.

The penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Florida are costly in many ways. It is worth thinking ahead of time to make arrangements for a designated driver in order to avoid the monetary and personal losses that a Florida DUI conviction can bring. In Florida, a second DUI conviction results in a Florida ignition interlock device being installed for at least one year in the vehicle the driver operates. This is in addition to fines, fees, additional insurance costs and jail penalties. Installation of a Florida ignition interlock device is usually reserved for repeat or very serious DUI offenses, but a judge can order one to be installed even after a first offense depending on the circumstances of the case.

A Florida ignition interlock device is highly inconvenient and costly. There is an installation fee, followed by travel time to a facility and fees for calibration of the device each month by appointment only, which takes about 45 minutes per visit. Using a Florida ignition interlock device for every trip in the car is also inconvenient, as the driver must breathe into the device to start the ignition, 5 minutes later breathe into the device again, and breathe into the device again every 30 minutes thereafter. Data from each of the readings is transmitted to the Florida DHSMV. In addition to the cost of a Florida ignition interlock, having a Florida DUI conviction will result in an increase in your insurance premiums.

You can find a list of frequently asked questions about the ignition interlock program in Florida on the Florida DHSMV website.

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