Florida DUI Insurance

Florida DUI Insurance

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Florida DUI Insurance

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Florida DUI insurance is also known as Florida FR44 insurance. FR44 is a certificate you file with the state after a DUI related license suspension. The filing allows restricted driving privileges during your suspension period, as long as you keep the insurance policy tied to it current. FR44 insurance is for license reinstatement, and can be bought whether you own a vehicle or not.

Florida drivers convicted of an alcohol related offense that results in license suspension must purchase Florida DUI insurance to reinstate their license. Also known as Florida FR44 insurance, DUI insurance is a type of high risk insurance. The Florida FR44 program for alcohol related driving offenses has been in effect since October 2007, and in February 2008 the program started. 

How does Florida DUI insurance work?

When you’re convicted of a DUI offense, your driver’s license is automatically suspended. After a probationary period is completed and all requirements are met, your license can be reinstated, provided you purchase Florida DUI insurance. Florida FR44 insurance is a certificate of financial responsibility attached as a rider to your primary auto insurance policy. After you purchase FR44 insurance, your provider will submit the FR44 filing with Florida DHSMV. The FR44 policy is then monitored to verify that the required insurance coverage is kept in force at all times. UltraCar Insurance provides Florida DUI insurance for license reinstatement, including owner and non owner policies.

It’s important not to cancel your FR44 policy or let it lapse. If this happens, your insurance provider will immediately submit an FR46 form to Florida DHSMV, which results in re-suspension of your license. This means you will once again have to obtain DUI insurance coverage and pay a reinstatement fee and/or fines to have your license reinstated. Because this is costly, it’s important to keep your Florida DUI insurance current by paying your premiums on time.

The various costs of DUI insurance Florida FR44 are quite high. DUI insurance policies must have the following minimum coverage:

  • $100,000 in bodily injury per individual
  • $300,000 in bodily injury per accident
  • $50,000 in property damage

Non Owner Florida DUI Insurance

If you don’t own a vehicle, you can reinstate your license by purchasing non owner Florida DUI insurance. If you are involved in an at fault accident while driving a non owned vehicle, your Florida non owner FR44 insurance goes into effect after the vehicle owner’s primary insurance coverage limits are reached. Any additional bodily injury or property damage claims not paid by the vehicle owner’s insurance will be paid by your Florida DUI insurance policy. See our pages titled Non Owner FR44 Florida and Florida Non Owner FR44 for more information about non owner DUI insurance.

UltraCar Insurance wants to be your Florida DUI insurance provider. We work with top insurance companies to find the best policy and lowest FR44 rate for your needs. Start a Florida FR44 insurance quote now, or call to speak with one of our licensed agents today!


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