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Non Owner FR44 Florida

Non Owner FR44 Florida

If you have a suspended license after DUI and don’t own a car, you’ll purchase non-owner FR44 Florida insurance. FR44 is a high-risk insurance certificate that’s filed with the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles. This filing allows you to regain your driving privileges. In most cases, the state requires you to carry FR44 insurance for three years.

Non-owner FR44 Florida is a certificate you file with the Florida DHSMV to reinstate your license after a DUI/DWI conviction. Your insurance agent endorses the FR44 to an insurance policy. When you don’t own a vehicle, your agent writes a non-owner policy with an FR44 endorsement. Your agent will file the certificate with the state as a guarantee of insurance when you drive a borrowed vehicle.

Reasons people need non owner FR44 Florida insurance

What happens if you’re driving a borrowed car and an officer pulls you over for DUI/DWI? Whether you own the car or not doesn’t change the fact that you will have your license suspended if you’re driving impaired.

Florida drivers who refuse to take a breath analyzer test get a mandatory license suspension, without recourse, for up to one year. In most cases, refusing to take a breath test is not a good strategy. When you take a DUI/DWI test, you can request an administrative hearing to get a restricted license, which allows you to drive to and from work. A hardship license is not available to you if you refuse to test.

License reinstatement with FR44 insurance

After a mandatory one-year license suspension, you’ll have to complete individual requirements to be eligible for license reinstatement. After fulfilling your requirements, you’ll purchase non-owner FR44 Florida insurance (also known as Florida No Car Insurance).

The Florida DHSMV assigns a 9-digit case number to each person who is eligible for license reinstatement. DUI case numbers start with the number 4, which means you’ll have to pay the premium for the policy in full. You can get a Florida non-owner FR44 policy with a six-month or twelve-month term. After the initial six months, you may be able to make monthly payments at renewal.

You can find details about Florida DUI administrative suspension laws on the Florida DHSMV website.

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