What is FR44 Florida?

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What is FR44 Florida?

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If you have a Florida license suspension for DUI/DWI, you’ll have to file an FR44 Florida certificate to reinstate your license. The FR44 document is an endorsement to your auto insurance policy. If you don’t own a car, truck, or motorcycle, the certificate is attached to a non-owner insurance policy.

FR44 Florida is a financial responsibility form. The state requires you to file it to reinstate your license after a drug or alcohol-related violation. A court may order you to submit this document to comply with other legal matters. Currently, only Florida and Virginia have implemented the FR44 filing specifically for DUI or DWI motor vehicle convictions. Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) introduced this separate certificate for substance-related license suspensions on February 2, 2008.

How is FR44 Florida different than SR22?

FR44 Florida works like SR22 insurance, but it’s much more expensive. The minimum liability coverage for SR22 insurance is 10/20/10. However, with FR44 insurance you must carry increased liability coverage of 100/300/50.

  • $100,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $300,000 minimum coverage per incident
  • $50,000 minimum coverage for property damage

How Florida DUI insurance works

Typically, you’ll have to carry FR44 Florida for three years, but the time can vary for each situation. It’s essential to maintain your policy for the entire compliance period, regardless of whether you own a vehicle. If you have FR44 insurance and move out of state, you must still complete your FR44 requirement. Otherwise, you won’t be eligible for a license in another state. If your policy lapses, the insurance underwriter submits an FR46 form to the state, resulting in immediate license suspension.

In most instances, you’ll receive a nine-digit case number starting with 4. You’ll need to provide that number to your insurance provider to accurately file your FR44 Florida certificate with the state. This document is an endorsement to your auto insurance policy. If you have a motorcycle, you can obtain Florida FR44 motorcycle insurance. When you don’t own any type of vehicle, the certificate attaches to an FR44 non owner insurance policy. Then the filing is submitted electronically by your insurance agent and is generally processed within 24-48 hours by the Florida HSMV.

You’ll find detailed information about Florida DUI and Administrative Suspension Laws on the Florida HSMV website.

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