How To Get Lower Insurance Rates

How to get lower insurance rates

Even if you currently have a poor driving record, there are many ways you can get lower insurance rates in the future. If you carry SR22 or FR44 high-risk insurance, you may think you’ll have to pay high premiums forever. But you can put yourself in a position to get lower auto insurance premiums after you complete your SR22 or FR44 obligation.

No one wants to pay more than necessary to insure their car. But there are many ways to get lower insurance rates on your auto or motorcycle insurance. If you ever had to carry SR22 insurance or FR44 insurance, the suggestions outlined below can lower your auto insurance premiums later.

Non Owner Insurance Coverage

Non owner insurance coverage

Non owner insurance coverage is liability insurance for people who don’t own a vehicle. You can buy it with or without an SR22 or FR44 filing. Non owner insurance allows you to reinstate your driver’s license, and provides minimum liability coverage to drive a non-owned vehicle on an occasional basis. Non owner insurance does not insure a vehicle, therefore it is less expensive than auto insurance. There are, however, coverage limitations and vehicle restrictions.

Non owner insurance coverage is liability-only insurance the state requires people to carry in certain circumstances. Non-owner insurance is secondary insurance on any non-owned vehicle you drive on an occasional basis.

Get a cross state SR22 filing when you move to another state.

When you have SR22 and move to another state

If you have an active SR22 and move to another state, can you drop your SR22 insurance? The answer is no. If you stop making payments on your SR22 earlier than required, the state will suspend your license. You’ll then have a problem obtaining a driver’s license or car insurance in your new state. You have to continue paying your SR22 insurance premiums for the duration of your requirement. And there is a process to make sure you stay in compliance.

When you have an SR22 and move to another state, you might think, great – I finally won’t have that additional expense! However, it doesn’t work that way. If your SR22 requirement has not yet expired when you move,

Non Driver Insurance

Non Driver Insurance

Non driver insurance is liability coverage you can purchase when you don’t own a vehicle. You can purchase this policy to protect you against liability when driving a vehicle owned by someone else. If your license has been suspended, an SR22 certificate can be tied to a non driver (non owner) insurance policy in order to obtain restricted driving privileges.

UltraCar Insurance can provide you with a non driver insurance policy if you do not own a vehicle. Individuals can purchase a non driver insurance policy without an SR22, or a non driver (non owner) SR22 policy. The main reason for purchasing an SR22 non owner policy is to reinstate driving privileges after license suspension.