Non Driver Insurance

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Non Driver Insurance

Non Driver Insurance

Non driver insurance is liability coverage you can purchase when you don’t own a vehicle. You can purchase this policy to protect you against liability when driving a vehicle owned by someone else. If your license has been suspended, an SR22 certificate can be tied to a non driver (non owner) insurance policy in order to obtain restricted driving privileges.

UltraCar Insurance can provide you with a non driver insurance policy if you do not own a vehicle. Individuals can purchase a non driver insurance policy without an SR22, or a non driver (non owner) SR22 policy. The main reason for purchasing an SR22 non owner policy is to reinstate driving privileges after license suspension. A non owner SR22 insurance policy serves as a monitoring device to ensure that the individual maintains the insurance over a specific time period in the future (usually three years). Generally, a non driver insurance policy contains only the state minimum liability insurance requirement, but the coverage amounts can be increased.

What does non driver insurance cover?

A common misconception about non owner insurance and non owner SR22 insurance is that it acts like primary auto insurance when you borrow a vehicle. Non owner insurance is not a substitute or replacement for primary auto insurance. The primary insurance carried by a vehicle owner is the first policy to pay claims if you cause an accident while operating their vehicle. A non driver insurance policy serves as secondary insurance on any non owned vehicles you drive on an occasional basis. Non owner insurance pays claim amounts that exceed a vehicle owner’s primary insurance coverage. Your non owner insurance will not cover damages to the vehicle you’re driving or injury to you or your passengers. It only protects against claims brought by another party involved in an accident.

Non owner insurance does not cover any vehicles in the policyholder’s household, nor does it cover rental or commercial vehicles, or vehicles you drive in your employment. It does not include comprehensive or collision coverage. Because of these exclusions, the insurance premium for non driver insurance is generally less expensive than owner or owner-operator insurance. See our Non Owner Insurance Coverage page for additional information about limitations of non owner policies.

UltraCar Insurance issues non driver insurance policies in many states, and completes your certificate filing in less than 30 minutes in most cases. Start a quote now or call today for a no obligation consultation with one of our experienced agents. Find out why UltraCar Insurance is your ultimate source for non owner SR22 insurance.

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