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Cheap Non Owners SR22 Insurance South Carolina

Cheap non owners SR22 insurance South Carolina is a certificate required for license reinstatement when you don’t own a vehicle. Non owner SR22 is liability-only coverage written to cover an individual, not a car. Any car you drive must be insured because non owner insurance doesn’t cover damage to a non-owned vehicle.

When you need cheap non owners SR22 insurance South Carolina for license reinstatement, count on UltraCar Insurance to help. South Carolina non owners SR22 insurance is a financial responsibility document you need to reinstate your driver’s license. It is specifically for individuals who do not own a vehicle.

Why do people need non owner SR22 insurance?

In most cases, people buy non owner SR22 insurance to reinstate their driver’s license when they don’t own a car. Another reason people buy this insurance is by court order in connection with a legal judgment or child support claim. Even if you don’t need to reinstate your license, you can carry non owner insurance without an SR22. Doing so shows financial responsibility and continuous insurance coverage, which can reduce your auto insurance cost if you buy a vehicle later.

How does non owner insurance work, and what does it cost?

You’ll have to carry South Carolina non owner SR22 insurance the entire time the state requires it, without interruption. The insurance underwriter monitors your SR22 policy. If you fail to keep up your premium payments, the underwriter immediately notifies the DMV, resulting in another license suspension.

Several factors determine how cheap your rate will be for non owner SR22 insurance. Each person’s premiums will vary based on those factors.

What does cheap non owners SR22 insurance South Carolina cover?

A non owner SR22 policy doesn’t insure a vehicle. It covers you when driving a vehicle owned by another person who does not live in your household. This kind of insurance is for occasional driving.

Non owner insurance coverage is liability-only coverage and is secondary to a vehicle owner’s insurance. It pays any claims that exceed a vehicle owner’s insurance coverage. If you drive an uninsured vehicle and are at fault in an accident, your non owner insurance may not pay those claims. And, you may risk another driver’s license suspension.

South Carolina non owners SR22 insurance will not cover you when driving these types of vehicles:

  • Vehicles owned by others in your household
  • Non-owned cars you can drive regularly
  • Commercial or rental vehicles
  • Employment-related vehicles

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