Cheap Non Owner SR22 Insurance Arizona

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Cheap Non Owner SR22 Insurance Arizona

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Rates for cheap non owner SR22 insurance Arizona will vary between one person and another. Insurance providers consider a number of factors to determine the lowest rate possible for each individual. If you don’t own a vehicle, your rate for non owner SR22 insurance will generally be lower than the rates for vehicle owners.

Insurance companies may advertise cheap non owner SR22 insurance Arizona policies, but when you call them, do they actually deliver the advertised rate? You’ve probably seen online advertisements as low as $9 or $15 per month for non owners SR22 insurance. But when you call the company you notice immediately that they’re not disclosing the entire story. They typically come up with some type of explanation to justify the false advertising rate.

What’s considered a cheap rate for non owner SR22 insurance Arizona?

A standard Arizona non owner insurance policy has to include minimum liability coverage of 15/30/5:

  • $15,000 bodily injury per person
  • $30,000 bodily injury per accident
  • $5,000 property damage

Coverage can be increased upon request. The rate for standard non owner insurance may indeed be “cheap”. But if you need to attach an SR22 certificate for license reinstatement, the rate will increase. Rates for cheap non owner SR22 insurance Arizona can be $35/month or higher. Your premiums depend on factors such as your age, zip code, how long you’ve been driving and your driving record.

How does non owner SR22 insurance work?

Your driver’s license can be suspended for a number of reasons. When this happens you’ll have to buy SR22 insurance to be able to continue driving legally. Common reasons for license suspension include:

  • A DUI violation
  • Too many tickets or points on your DMV record
  • Lapse of child support
  • A legal judgment
  • Driving without insurance

The AAMVA Uniform Financial Responsibility Form (SR-22) is a certificate issued by an insurance company licensed in Arizona. It’s required as a condition to reinstate your license. The certificate is attached to a non owner insurance policy. Cheap non owner SR22 insurance Arizona is high risk insurance, so the policy that’s tied to the SR22 is monitored to keep track of its status. When you file an SR22 certificate, you agree to keep your premium payments up to date for a time period determined by the state (usually 3 years). If you miss a payment you’re no longer covered, which breaks your agreement with the state. The insurance company is then required to notify the Arizona DMV, and your license is suspended immediately.

Non owner insurance without an SR22

Standard non-owner insurance and SR22 non owner insurance cover one individual (the policyholder) when driving a non-owned vehicle. Anyone who does not own a vehicle can purchase Arizona non owner insurance if they wish. For example, if you drive a borrowed vehicle on occasion, carrying non owner insurance is a good idea for a number of reasons. It provides you with liability insurance coverage when you drive a vehicle and shows proof of financial responsibility. That helps you get a lower insurance rate if you do buy a vehicle by showing that you’ve had continuous insurance coverage.

Need more information?

Check the Arizona DOT website for more details about Arizona license reinstatement and SR22 insurance. Other articles on our website are also related to cheap non owner SR22 insurance Arizona:

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