Can I drive with non-owner SR22 insurance?

When you don't own car, you can reinstate your license and drive with non-owner SR22 insurance. Call today for a low non-owner SR22 rate!

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Can I drive with non-owner SR22 insurance?

Can I drive with non-owner SR22 insurance?

If you have a suspended license, can you reinstate it without a car? Yes, you can reinstate your license and drive with non-owner SR22 insurance. Non-owner insurance coverage is somewhat different from an owner/owner-operator SR22 policy that involves insuring a vehicle. Since you aren’t insuring a car, non-owner SR22 insurance costs less. However, you are limited in the type of coverage and in the vehicles you can drive. The insurance required with a non-owner policy is the same as an owner policy; however, it is secondary to a vehicle owner’s insurance.

To drive with non-owner SR22 insurance, you first need an insurance agent to write a non-owner insurance policy for you. They will then endorse an SR22 certificate to the policy and file it with your state DMV.

Non-owner SR22 insurance is high-risk insurance for people who have a suspended license and don’t own a car. Whether you have a minor violation like driving without insurance, or a major DUI violation, SR22 insurance allows you to recover your driving privileges. If you keep the policy current for several years, the state will allow you to drive with non-owner SR22 insurance when you don’t own a vehicle.

What’s the purpose of non-owner SR22 insurance?

You can think of the SR22 as a guarantee that you will carry state-mandated liability insurance continuously for a specific time. If your policy lapses during that time, the state considers the promise broken. SR22 is also a “tracking system” since the insurance carrier of your policy monitors its status. If it lapses, they notify the DMV by filing an SR-26 form, which results in another suspension of your license.

SR22 is not a stand-alone policy you can purchase by itself, nor is it insurance. SR22 is a uniform financial responsibility form endorsed to an existing auto or non-owner insurance policy. Therefore, you can’t drive with non-owner SR22 unless you have a valid license and the car you borrow to drive has at least a state minimum liability insurance.

Can I drive any car with non-owner SR22 insurance?

Non-owner insurance coverage has limitations and exclusions. Your policy won’t cover driving a car owned by someone in your household or a vehicle you can drive regularly. Non-owner insurance costs less than an auto insurance policy because it has coverage restrictions and because it doesn’t insure a vehicle. You’ll need non-owner SR22 insurance if you borrow a friend’s car (someone outside your household) on an occasional basis. If you’re driving a borrowed vehicle and cause an accident, the car owner’s primary insurance pays claims first. If claims exceed the owner’s insurance coverage, your non-owner insurance pays claims that exceed that.

Can I add another person to my non-owner insurance policy?

No, non-owner SR-22 covers only one person. Coverage doesn’t transfer to another person; therefore, no one can drive with your non-owner SR22 coverage. In addition, you can’t transfer an SR22 insurance coverage from one state to another state if you relocate. A non-owner insurance policy must include your state’s minimum liability coverage requirements.

Can I add full coverage to my non-owner SR22 policy?

Non-owner SR22 insurance is liability-only coverage and must contain bodily injury and property damage coverage at the minimum. You can add uninsured/under-insured motorist bodily injury, medical, and personal injury protection in states that offer those coverage options. (Some states require this additional coverage.) But since a non-owner policy doesn’t insure a vehicle, comprehensive and collision coverage does not apply.

When your state requires you to drive with non-owner SR22 insurance, talk with an UltraCar Insurance agent. We specialize in all types of SR22 insurance policies and offer quick filing of your certificate. Call or start an online quote today!

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