FR44 Non Owner Insurance Florida – FAQ

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FR44 Non Owner Insurance Florida – FAQ

Looking for an affordable FR44 insurance rate without a car?

FR44 non-owner insurance Florida is DUI insurance required to reinstate your license if you don’t own a vehicle. Frequently asked questions about FR44 insurance include how much it costs, what it covers, and the payment terms. The answers will help you better understand Florida non-owner FR44 insurance.

When you have a license suspension after a DUI conviction, and you don’t own a vehicle, you’ll buy FR44 non owner insurance Florida for reinstatement. When eligible for license reinstatement, you must choose an FR44 insurance provider to issue and file your certificate with the state.

Can I get liability Florida FR44 insurance without a car?

Yes, liability Florida FR44 insurance is the same as FR44 non owner insurance Florida.

Does non owner FR44 insurance have restrictions?

Non owner insurance coverage has several limitations. Understand that non owner FR44 insurance insures you, not a vehicle. It does not cover you when driving a vehicle owned by someone in your household or any vehicle to which you have regular access.

How much does FR44 non owner insurance Florida cost?

Costs of DUI insurance Florida can vary depending on your age, area (zip code), and the number of violations you have. Rates may also vary between insurance providers.

Why is the cost of Florida DUI insurance so high?

Several factors contribute to the high cost of Florida DUI insurance policies. Florida’s no-fault law requires higher liability coverage of 100/300/50. Fraudulent claims arise from the no-fault law, which increases insurance rates overall in the state. The high number of claims after hurricanes and other weather events also contributes to the high cost of Florida FR44 insurance.

Can I pay monthly for my insurance policy?

No. You must pay Florida FR44 insurance policies in full for six months.

Can I cancel FR44 non owner insurance after it’s issued?

No. Florida Statute 627.7275 requires the policy to be issued and maintained for at least six months. During the first 60 days, only the underwriter may cancel the policy for specific underwriting reasons. After 60 days, you cannot cancel the policy for any reason during the remainder of the policy term.

If I own a vehicle, can I file a non-owner FR44 certificate and get separate insurance on my car to save money?

No. In Florida, you can’t purchase a non-owner insurance certificate if you have a vehicle registered in your name. If you own a car, truck, or motorcycle, you must file an owner-operator Florida FR44 certificate. Rates for an FR44 policy with a car can be 2-5 times higher than for a non-owner FR44 policy.

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