Non Owner SR22 Insurance Rhode Island

The Rhode Island DMV no longer requires non owner SR22 insurance Rhode Island.

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Non Owner SR22 Insurance Rhode Island

UltraCar Insurance does not offer non-owner auto insurance in Rhode Island.

Before July 18, 2018, drivers could purchase non-owner SR22 insurance in Rhode Island to reinstate their suspended license. After that date, Rhode Island eliminated the SR22 requirement for vehicle owners and non-owners. However, if you own a vehicle and have an out-of-state license suspension, Rhode Island will require you to file an SR22 in that state to prevent your Rhode Island driver’s license from being suspended.

Effective July 18, 2018, the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles discontinued SR22 insurance requirements and released any person with an SR22 filing. Therefore, UltraCar Insurance no longer offers Rhode Island non-owner auto insurance. Please refer to the Rhode Island DMV website for detailed information about Rhode Island license suspensions.

Suppose you do not own a vehicle but have an out-of-state license suspension requiring non-owner SR22 insurance. In that case, you must contact the state referenced in the license suspension notice sent to you by the Rhode Island DMV Adjudication Office. The Adjudication Office must receive proof of payment to that state by the referenced date to avoid suspension of your driver’s license. Call 401-462-5705 for further information.

The basics of non-owner insurance:

  • Non-owner insurance is liability-only, and secondary insurance coverage
  • It covers one person only
  • A non-owner SR22 does not cover vehicles owned by others in your household
  • Non-owner SR22 does not cover you to drive commercial, rental, or employment-related vehicles
  • It does not cover vehicles that you would be able to drive frequently

Reasons for out-of-state non owner SR22 insurance:

  • Unpaid child support outside of Rhode Island
  • Uninsured auto accident outside of Rhode Island
  • Operating an uninsured vehicle out of state
  • Refusal to take a DUI or DWI test out of state
  • DUI or DWI convictions outside of Rhode Island

If you own a vehicle and need an out-of-state SR22 filing, see SR22 Insurance Rhode Island. UltraCar Insurance will gladly assist you with an SR22 filing for a license suspension outside of Rhode Island. Give us a call or start an online quote today.

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