Non Owners SR22 South Carolina

Non Owners SR22 South Carolina

You don't own a car, but need SR22 insurance? Get a great rate on non owners SR22 South Carolina today.

Non Owners SR22 South Carolina

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Non Owners SR22 South Carolina is certificate tied to a non owners insurance policy. The state may require you to carry non owner insurance with an SR22 filing after suspension of your driver’s license. This allows you to reinstate your license and to be insured for a designated period of time when you drive a non-owned vehicle.

When you’re eligible for license reinstatement and don’t own a vehicle, let UltraCar Insurance give you a quick non owners SR22 South Carolina insurance quote and same day filing. We can file your certificate with the South Carolina DMV in less than 20 minutes.

Non owners SR22 South Carolina is a certificate of financial responsibility form filed on your behalf by an insurance provider licensed in your state. Financial responsibility means that you must keep your SR22 premiums paid at all times for the time period the state requires you to carry SR22 insurance. There cannot be any lapse of the policy during that time. In most cases you’ll be required to carry non owners SR22 South Carolina insurance for up to 3 years. The South Carolina DMV determines how long a driver has to maintain their SR22 policy, depending on the circumstances of each case.

Why do I need non owners SR22 South Carolina?

Several situations can occur that can result in driver’s license suspension, requiring an SR22 certificate to be filed for license reinstatement:

  • Driving without insurance is one of the most common reasons for license suspension
  • Driving without a valid license
  • Unpaid fines
  • A legal judgment
  • Repeated moving violations causing excessive points on your DMV record
  • A DUI conviction for exceeding the legal BAC (blood alcohol content)

When you don’t own a vehicle, from time to time you may depend on borrowing one owned by someone else. In this case you should always determine if the vehicle is insured by the owner, that the insurance is current, and that a valid insurance ID card is in the glove compartment. If the vehicle you drive is not insured, your non owner SR22 insurance may not cover you.

South Carolina DMV

More information about license reinstatement in South Carolina can be found on the South Carolina DMV online website.

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UltraCar Insurance can file your non owners SR22 South Carolina certificate with the South Carolina DMV in less than 20 minutes. Start a quote now, or call for a no-obligation consultation with one of our licensed agents and a low rate on South Carolina non owners SR22 insurance.


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