California Non Owner SR22 Insurance

California Non Owner SR22 Insurance

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California Non Owner SR22 Insurance

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It is illegal to operate an uninsured vehicle in California. If caught without proper liability insurance a driver will face penalties that can include suspension of their driver’s license. Individuals whose license has been suspended, but who do not own a vehicle, must purchase a California non owner SR22 insurance for license reinstatement. It is important to determine exactly what the state requires for reinstatement of your license, as each case may differ. California state law considers a driver to be insured while driving a non owned vehicle, provided that they have the registered owner’s permission to drive it, and that they only borrow the vehicle on an occasional basis. An exception to this is if the vehicle owner and the driver borrowing it live in the same household, the person borrowing the vehicle must be listed as a driver of the vehicle under the registered owner’s policy.

California non owner SR22 insurance is a document you purchase through an insurance provider licensed in the state of California. Your insurance provider submits the non owner SR22 filing electronically to the California DMV, which completes the filing process within one to two days. After the non owner SR22 filing is completed, the policy is monitored by your insurance provider to ensure that the SR22 insurance coverage stays in effect for the period of time required by the state. If your policy is allowed to lapse, expire or cancel, the California DMV will be immediately notified and your driver’s license will again be suspended.

California non owner SR22 insurance is written when you do not own a vehicle, but occasionally drive a vehicle owned by someone else. California non owner SR22 insurance is not written on a vehicle, but serves as secondary insurance to a vehicle owner’s primary auto insurance. If you are involved in an at fault accident while driving a borrowed vehicle, your non owner SR22 policy pays claims if damages/injuries exceed the limits of the primary insurance coverage on the vehicle. It is important to confirm that any vehicle you borrow to drive is insured by the owner, because their SR22 policy is NOT primary insurance and will not pay any claims whatsoever if the owner has not insured the vehicle.

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