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California Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Looking for California SR22 insurance without a car?

California non owner SR22 insurance is a document you must file with the state to regain driving privileges. If your license is suspended, California requires a guarantee of financial responsibility from you. That is the purpose of SR22 insurance. A non owner policy insures one individual, rather than a vehicle.

When you have a suspended license and don’t own a vehicle, you’ll need to purchase California non owner SR22 insurance for license reinstatement. It’s illegal to operate an uninsured vehicle in California. If you’re caught driving without minimum liability insurance, you’ll face penalties including license suspension. Each case may differ, so it’s important to know exactly what is required to reinstate your license.California state law considers you to be insured if you have the registered vehicle owner’s permission, and you only drive occasionally. An exception to this is if you and the vehicle owner live in the same household. In this case, you must be listed as a driver of the vehicle under the registered owner’s policy.

What is non owner SR22 insurance?

California non owner SR22 is a financial responsibility form you purchase through a licensed insurance provider. The state requires you to carry it to reinstate your license. It’s also a guarantee of future insurance coverage. The certificate is attached to a non-owner insurance policy and filed electronically to the California DMV. The filing process for California non owner SR22 insurance is usually completed in one to two days. Once the filing is complete, it’s monitored to ensure that your coverage stays in effect for the required period of time. If you let your policy lapse or cancel it, your insurance provider immediately notifies the DMV. In this case your driving privileges will again be suspended.

How does non owner insurance work?

California non owner SR22 insurance is written when you don’t own a vehicle, but occasionally drive a non-owned vehicle. It is written in your name to cover you; it’s not written to cover a vehicle. “No car insurance” is secondary to a vehicle owner’s auto insurance. If you’re involved in an at-fault accident while driving a borrowed vehicle, your non owner SR22 policy pays claims if they exceed the owner’s insurance coverage. It’s important to confirm that any vehicle you drive is insured by the owner. Non owner insurance coverage is NOT primary insurance, and will not pay any claims whatsoever if the owner has not insured their vehicle.

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