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Non Owner SR22 Insurance Wyoming

Do you have questions about non-owner insurance coverage?

If you need SR22 insurance without a car, non owner SR22 insurance Wyoming is the type of certificate you need. Filing a non owner certificate with the state will allow you to drive with a restricted license during your suspension period. Instead of insuring a vehicle, SR22 non owner insurance insures you when driving a non-owned vehicle.

You’ll need to get non owner SR22 insurance Wyoming if you have a suspended driver’s license don’t own a vehicle. You must file a Wyoming SR22 insurance certificate to start the process of license reinstatement. Wyoming requires drivers to maintain non owner SR22 insurance for three to five years. SR22 is a financial responsibility form your insurance provider attaches to a non-owner policy and files with the Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT).

Non owner insurance coverage works differently than an owner SR22 policy, since you’re not insuring a vehicle. A Wyoming non-owner policy insures you against claims brought by the other party in an accident if you’re at fault. Non owner insurance is liability-only coverage that’s secondary to a vehicle-owner’s primary insurance. If you cause an accident while driving a borrowed vehicle, non owner insurance takes effect only if the vehicle owner’s insurance coverage exceeds its policy limits.

Facts about non owner SR22 insurance Wyoming:

  • Only for individuals who do not own a vehicle
  • Written for one person only – the policyholder
  • Non owner insurance provides liability only coverage; you cannot add comprehensive or collision coverage since you are not insuring a vehicle
  • Does not cover household vehicles
  • Will not cover vehicles the policyholder can drive frequently
  • Does not cover employment-related vehicles
  • Will not cover commercial vehicles or rental vehicles

You’ll find additional details about Wyoming driver’s license reinstatement procedures on the Wyoming DOT website.

If you buy a vehicle during your SR22 requirement, first notify your insurance provider. You’ll need to convert your non owner policy to an owner policy, resulting in a premium increase.

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